Today’s IWFC Seminars Focus on Solar Film and Glass Technology

September 21st, 2012 by Editor

Two of today’s International Window Film Conference (IWFC) seminars focused on the direction and understanding of today’s window film technology. Joseph Richard, member of Solutia Performance Films’ technical services group, discussed the Effects of Solar Energy on Glass and Dennis Warlick, sales manager, at Saint-Gobain and Miguel Detres, technical service representative for Solar Gard, discussed The Latest in Glass Technology.

In Richard’s presentation, he said, “films reflect, absorb and transmit different parts of the solar spectrum controlling the appearance and performance of the window, including UV transmission, infrared transmission, visible light transmission, reflectivity, emissivity, color, solar heat performance and sometimes non-solar insulation value.”

According to Warlick and Detres, the window film industry is making advances in solar glazing. “You’re seeing more and more laminated glass on sides of cars,” said Warlick. “There’s also more solar control with coated glass.”

“The next generation of window films will not necessarily install, handle or have the same warranties and characteristics as the films of the past 10-15 years,” predicted Warlick.

“We’ve followed the same trend of glass,” continued Detres. “The next generation of window films will be smarter.”


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  1. Joseph Richard, Can you please explain to me why your 35 percent tint in your product samples has in fact a light density of 32 percent . You are the technical man for Llumar so I guess you would be the right person to answer this question. Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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