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October 25th, 2012 by Editor

As I continue to become more familiar with the window film industry, I like what I see. After attending this past International Window Film Conference (IWFC) and Tint-Off in Louisville, Ky., I am very excited for the upcoming SEMA Show next week.

Attending the IWFC provided me the chance to meet some of you as well as learn about the trade. Watching you all in action was such a unique experience.

As I gear up for my first SEMA Show, I’m excited to see not only who, but what will be there. One of my favorite experiences from IWFC was installing a clear PPF bra on a BMW hood at one of the vendor booths. I hope there are more experiences like this at SEMA.

When considering the differences between IWFC to SEMA, I wondered if all of you have a type of show that you prefer more: automotive or architectural? One question I keep coming back to is: what do you guys want to see at these shows? When I report on the event, what kind of coverage are you hoping to see? Be sure to answer today’s poll about what you most look forward to seeing at trade shows.

While I continue to learn about the window film industry, I invite you to share your answers with me. If you ever have any questions or comments about something that has been covered in either the newsletter or the magazine please feel free to email me at I enjoy reading your comments and learning about your perspectives.

Check out today’s poll and let Window Film magazine know what you most look forward to seeing at trade shows.


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