Yannick Larose Sentenced for Assault and Intimidation Charges

October 17th, 2012 by Editor

According to local reports from the Montreal-based news site LaPresse, Yannick Larose, former president of X-Vitres Teintees, a Quebec window film company, was sentenced yesterday in a Joliette court to almost four years in prison for intimidation and assault. Because of time served, Larose will only complete 42 of the 45 months.

Larose, 39, plead guilty to four assault charges and one count of intimidation in April.

Larose originally came under investigation for alleged attempts to monopolize the window film market near his province. The intimidation and assaults cited in the case took place between February 28, 2003 and November 15, 2007, reports Le Journal de Quebec.

The original indictment filed against Larose included 16 charges ranging from damaging property to assault.

In a statement obtained by LaSoleil, one of Larose’s victims, Christian Bouchard of Reflex Teinte said, “Given the flaws in our justice system, I think this sentence is appropriate. Knowing that there is a provision for early release, it is very clear that he will not spend his complete sentence behind bars. At the very least, it is hoped that it will have calmed him down.”

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