Hurricane Sandy Dampens SEMA

November 1st, 2012 by Editor


The show floor was noticeably less crowded today, some exhibitors speculate as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Despite yesterday’s mixed reports on attendance at this year’s SEMA Show, attendees and exhibitors report today that numbers are definitely down compared to previous shows.“I’d say [attendance] is down 30 to 40 percent,” says Jeffrey Plummer, vice president of sales and marketing for Madico. “I don’t know how much of that is attributed to the storm. We actually had a sense that it would be bigger this year.”

“I heard from a customer that attendance was down because of the hurricane,” says Bryan Davis, president of Golden State Auto Care of Las Vegas.

One attendee speculated that gas prices also affected turnout.  “We spent a lot of money in gas to get here,” says Marlon Contreras, project manager for Savage Wraps.

“There aren’t very many international attendees,” adds Angelica Amini, general manager of IGS Chemicals window film division. “The economy looks like its still down and attendance is down and maybe that’s attributed to the hurricane.”

“It’s a little bit slower than last year,” states Daniel Lee, director of Solar Free Window Film. Lee also noted that attendee quality was up and shared some information on his company’s latest products.

Solar Free is displaying its Artisan film which offers a 99.9 percent UV protection with a 6 to 77 percent range for visible light transmission (VLT). Additionally, Solar Film offers its Genesis film which is a signal-friendly non-reflective 2-ply charcoal film, and Nightveil, a jet black non-reflective 2-ply film that rejects up to 70 percent of infrared (IR). Lee also mentions that the company is testing pigment films and trying new innovations. “There are very exciting changes,” says Lee. “We don’t want to just ride the coattails of 3M and some of the other big names; that’s not fair to them.”

Leesoul is also displaying automotive and architectural films. The company’s ceramic automotive film boasts no radio frequency interference, a charcoal color and 1.5-mil thickness. The film is also available in a VLT range of 5 to 50 percent with an IR range of 35 to 80 percent.

NDFOS is also showcasing its Photochromic Bio Ceramic IR film which has two lines: ECO Series and IceQ Series. The ECO Series film offers a line of films available in VLTs of 10 to 70. Additionally, NDFOS officials say the heat rejection of the film is increased by 98 percent and the Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) is increased by more than 60 percent. The IceQ line, available in VLTs of 50 and 70, offer TSERs of 58 and 56, respectively.

Though attendees and exhibitors agree that Sandy may have reduced attendance at this year’s show, they certainly agree that the weather hasn’t affected the quality of products on display. Be sure to stay tuned to for further news and video updates.

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