Xpel Technologies Announce Q3 Results

December 6th, 2012 by Editor

San Antonio, Texas-based Xpel Technologies Corp. announced its third quarter (Q3) results for business through September 30, 2012.

In the report, Xpel shows an increase of revenues by 89 percent from $1,693,140 in September 2011 to $3,207,876 in September 2012. Direct costs also increased from 60 percent of revenue in Q3 2011 to 67 percent in Q3 2012. Expenses grew from $495,094 in Q3 2011 to $717,868 in Q3 2012 for an increase of 45 percent.

A dramatic increase in net earnings was also reported, growing from $189,234 in Q3 2011 to $340,425 in Q3 2012.

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