U.S. Film Crew Completes Major Install on Short Deadline

January 30th, 2013 by Editor

Right before the holiday season, Pittsburgh-based U.S. Film Crew was contacted to complete a 15,000 square foot solar film install on a five-story medical office building looking for energy savings in a mere three weeks. Company president Glenn Yocca says he and his team were up to the challenge.

U.S. Film Crew completed this 872 window installation in eight days.

U.S. Film Crew completed this 872 window installation in eight days.

Chris Aycock, owner of SunProtection in Cary, N.C., says he contacted U.S. Film Crew for help with the project.

“Once I heard who U.S. Film Crew had worked with and completed projects for, it was no problem calling them for this project,” he says.

With more than 20 years in the window film industry, Aycock was concerned about the time frame for this end-of-year project, especially considering his crew already had ongoing jobs. “We just couldn’t secure our own staff in such short time,” he says.

With less than ten days to prepare and two weeks to complete the install, Yocca says he was not fazed, adding, “I trust my crew, their experience and our strategy to effectively handle this type of work deadline.”

The install actually ended up being a little smaller than anticipated.

“It started out as more than 21,000 then they cut off the fifth floor because construction wasn’t finished so it ended up being 16,626 square feet and 872 windows,” says Yocca.

The team finished the installation of Llumar 2-mil solar film eight days ahead of schedule, the night before Christmas.

As for difficulties, Yocca says, “We had some blinds go down on us because of automated sensors, so that always makes it a little difficult. We also had to work with the office on some certain high-security areas and schedule access.”

“[The install was] very efficient with limited information in a short period of time. I was impressed,” says Aycock.

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