Better Energy Ideas Teams up with Hyatt to Lower Energy Costs

February 27th, 2013 by Editor

The Hyatt Century Plaza, near Beverly Hills, recently partnered with Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based Better Energy Ideas Inc. (BEI) to evaluate the use of window films to lower energy costs. An initial analysis performed indicated that the Hyatt could save more than $690,000 by using a “tinted window film that blocked 99 percent of UV light,” according a BEI statement.

An additional rebate was provided by the Department of Water and Power for more than $100,000 and allowed the Hyatt to see a full return on investment within six months.

BEI provided the initial consultation, as well as served as project management for the installation of more than 720 guest windows.

Scott Allen, the Hyatt ‘s general manager, says window tinting was “an easy choice after looking at a lot of different products,” adding, “it was a nice, easy install” that provided a “sleek look for the hotel.”

The film installed also offers safety and security features, such as shatter-resistance.

Caroline Bettis, CEO and president of BEI, says, “This project at the Hyatt Century Plaza is a perfect example of why organizations need to consider tinted window films as a part of their corporate social responsibility goals … This is one situation where doing the right thing for the environment, and making a green investment, will cut costs instead of increasing them.”

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