Could Security Films Save You from an Oncoming Meteor?

February 20th, 2013 by Editor

A hurdling boulder from space crashing through your office window is probably pretty low on your list of worries. While the odds of that happening aren’t astronomical (pun intended) try telling that to people in Russia who suffered major architectural damage from the debris of a meteor that crash landed there last week.

Looking at the damage which resulted from the meteor, it begs the question; just how could window films have helped reduced some of the overall impact?

While there is no question that even the most durable film in the world could not have stopped the actual meteor—which was the largest to fall since 1908, at 10,000 tons and 55 feet in diameter, according to the Wall Street Journal—could security attachments have prevented minor glass damage from the debris and shock of the meteor?

“Basically what the film would do is hold the glass together,” says George Emerson, sales representative for Pro-Tection Seattle Inc.

While the film could not have prevented the external building destruction and glass breakage, it could have helped prevent some of the internal damage, as well as injuries.

“What would have happened is the blast would have just caused the glass to peel back like a banana, but the glass wouldn’t go flying around,” says Emerson.

“From what I understand, a lot of the injury came from glass breakage,” says Glenn Yocca, president of U.S. Film Crew. “Any time you have glass breakage, window film helps contain the glass fragments. Security film would have been a major benefit.”

How can dealers help prepare consumers for events like this?

“I think something like this brings awareness of the unexpected,” says Yocca. “This is very much an unpredicted event, but there are other events, such as a hurricane which may be more anticipated; this event raises the awareness that some happenings are so unexpected and I think dealers can bring that up to consumers.”

“It’s just an additional step added for safety and security,” Yocca adds. “It’s something that’s in place; once it’s installed, you have that peace of mind.”

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  1. The window film industry should definitely use this metoer explosion as a warning to building owners and drivers around the world,and capitalize on this opportunity Experience has shown that ordinary glass flys around and spins at hundreds of miles per hour insuring people and causing massive damage to property More metoeos could hit the earth in other areas, at any time. Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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