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February 13th, 2013 by Editor

It’s a topic any window film company is constantly struggling with: how to generate leads effectively. And from the hundreds of participants who attended a recent online webinar, this is a topic with which companies are continually trying to educate themselves.

The webinar was hosted by Dave Yoho Associates, a noted leader in helping companies in a variety of sales strategies. Dave Yoho, president and Brian Smith, senior account executive, were on hand to share their expertise along with Tim Musch, director of business development at Market Sharp.

Attendees were able to submit questions in advance so speakers knew the most important issues to focus on. They received 83 questions on lead generation, and more than 20 questions each on both financing and legal issues.

Regarding leads, Yoho outlined for attendees how to get from no to maybe to yes. Smith suggested companies use a lead map to help them on this journey. The sample map he showed attendees helps companies know when to follow up with leads, etc., categorize by customers sold, unsold, etc.

The speakers also stressed the importance of “sticking to the script” as these give “consistent predictable results.”

Another important selling strategy? “Make sure your sales reps just don’t sell your base model—increase the ticket size,” says Yoho. “One contact brings in one million dollars annually by change orders alone.”

Another topic of conversation was the use of creative financing and how this can help create sales.

“A homeowner always thinks an improvement will be half of what it is,” says Smith. “If that’s what they set aside and they don’t have the extra five thousand, for example, they will say they have to think about it. That’s where financing comes in. It also provides for an upsell opportunity.”

He went so far to say that a sales rep should start writing up the order and give customers the option of plan A or B to increase the likelihood of closing a sale.

Have you found success in any of these areas? Post a comment below and tell us what upsell and lead generation techniques work for you.

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  1. We are not selling a product , we are selling solutions to window related problems.

  2. Your best form of lead source is from satisfied customers.

  3. I’ve always taken a 3 option approach to my sales. Position the option that you would like to see as plan B and give one cheaper but less effective option as well as a more expensive plan C(hey why not!).

  4. After 38 years, spending millions of dollars on marketing and advertising in the window film industry,Google in todays world, is the most cost effective way to go. You can”t beat them when it comes to” value for money” in my opinion. Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa.

  5. The” trick” of marketing is to get maximum value for money.

    Its a numbers game. Alway try to get offical figures of how much exposure you get , ie., how many magazines do they publish and then devide it by the amount of money for the cost. per copy. This exercise will give you the cost per thousand every time your ad features..

    Also make sure the magazine is targeted to the right market in your area. ie The motor section of your local paper is ideal get a response for car window tinting.

    Negotiate hard and get a deal on stand by rates also. Try insists on a editorial,because you have a news worthy story. ie. New technology ceramic tint that looks like a regular tint put stops 74 percent of the IR heat.

    Make sure your ad stands out from the rest of the ads. Give it a” wow ” factor with some stong copy, ie. free hand held alarm to the first 50 customers ,free removal of old inefective tint, new life time garantee, 20 percent discount on presentation of the ad. ect.

    Last but not least .put a special extention number with the phone to identify the response rate. Keep the ad for some time it give it a chance to get some momentum , and if you are not getting the right return on campaign,” take your money and run”, Try other ideas ie.miniature bill boards, distributored through out your area.
    I can go on and on as I have been playing the game for decades. But I dont want to bore you.

    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa.

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