Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Repair Calls for Tint Shop Registration

February 27th, 2013 by Editor

The Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Repair (OBMVR) has made a request of all Ohio-based automotive window tinting shops to register with the board. Resulting from the passage of Senate Bill 114 (SB114) this past December, all shops must register by March 22, 2013, when the new law goes into effect.

SB114, which mandates the OBMVR to register all window tint installation businesses operating in Ohio, states, “The director of public safety, in accordance with chapter 119 of the revised code, shall adopt rules governing the use of tinted glass, and the use of transparent, nontransparent, translucent, and reflectorized materials in or on motor vehicle windshields, side windows, sidewings, and rear windows that prevent a person of normal vision looking into the motor vehicle from seeing or identifying persons or objects inside the motor vehicle.”

The bill also defines registrants by stating “‘Motor vehicle window tint operator’ means any person, sole proprietorship, foreign or domestic partnership, limited liability corporation, or other legal entity that is not an employee or agent of a principal and installs tinted glass, or transparent, nontransparent, translucent, and reflectorized material in or on five or more motor vehicle windshields, side windows, sidewings, and rear windows in a calendar year.”

Additionally, an automotive tint facility is defined in the bill as a “location from which five or more separate motor vehicle window tint installations are performed on motor vehicles in a twelve-month period, commencing with the day of the month in which the first such installation is made.”

Michael R. Greene, executive director for OBMVR, says in a letter to Ohio shops, “Prior to our board, legitimate repair facilities were operating under radical pricing differences as compared to illegitimate, so called backyard shops. The playing field was unequal, and the consumer unprotected. Illegitimate repair operators were uninsured, not paying taxes, workers compensation, unemployment benefits and costs associated with environmental protection compliance. The board protects the consumer while assisting the small business owner to remain competitive. We are the only state regulatory agency charged with overseeing the motor vehicle repair industry in Ohio.”

To begin compliance, window tint installers are encouraged to visit www.collisionboard.ohio.gov and click on the Auto Repairers link then click the Registration Application link. Download and print the application instructions as well as an application for a new registration. Registration fees are $225 per year. Applicants are required to submit a certificate of liability insurance and two photographs with the notarized first-time application. A certificate of registration will then be mailed to applicants within 10 days. This certificate must then be displayed in public view; mobile units must carry a copy of the certificate in the vehicle.

In his letter, Greene urges anyone with questions or concerns to contact him by email at mike.greene@crb.state.oh.us.

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  1. This is a very good idea and should be done world wide. Our industry need to be regulated ,which will give it more credibility.

    In many countries in Europe one needs to go to school in certain industries to ensure one has the right skills. You cannot get a job or open a business unless you have the appropriate qualifications.

    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

  2. Excellent article, thanks for sharing and I am glad to know that Ohio Motor Vehicle board initiate the calls for tint shop registration.

  3. That has some benefits. But shouldn’t consumers be able to decide who they want to do business with? Aren’t there already laws governing the Auto industry as well as taxes, insurance and environmental protection to enforce? And I know its only $225, but, in an economy like this… I mean come on. That’s a box of film or an advertising budget for a small shop. Mandatory compliance I understand. But why make the shop suffer the dough for something I would say most never saw coming.

  4. I like the idea that is stated about trying to get rid of the “black market” window tinters. the problem is that Ohio has a 50% total light visability restriction on the front side windows. People do not want 70% film on their front two windows. It is a waste of money. 35% film is certainly safe for use on front side windows. I strongly feel this should be the NATIONWIDE legal limit. I don’t think anyone from a state where 35% film is the law has any better sight or driving abilities than someone in Ohio. The part that really gets me is that the film installer becomes civily liable for anything that happens involving the vehicle tinted illegally. I am all for abiding by the law, but the law needs to be changed. The market consistently demands darker than 70% film. I should know, I did $50,000 worth of tinting by myself last year. #Looking for a job

  5. Always a great idea to require window tinting shops and any other automotive businesses to register. There are so many of these types of businesses out there that it can often be difficult for consumers to choose a reputable business, which is why registration makes a lot of sense.

    – Greg

  6. This is an act of extortion and it violates the public rights of the Ohioan. No State can convert a liberty right into a priviledge and attatch a fee to it. It is a due process right violation of a constitutionally protected right. This boards function was to assist the illegitimate businesses into becoming legitimate and insure the safety of the consumers of this State. Not cause the legitimate businesses to become probational debtors with lifetime obligations to owe this board $225.00 each year to still exist. This causes every business in this position to become subjected to slavery! If a company has to pay any agency or person continually exist and function, then that agency or person would have interest in that company. This board has changed their original function behind the publics eye without the publics vote and has became a slave master in the automobile repair industry by use of fraud practices and acts of RICO because it is mainly targeting those businesses that have already established an interest in the State of Ohio. So why not stand for the liberty rights of your company which should be part of any principals duty to his/her business especially the LLC’s that must rely on its members to protects its civil rights. WAKE UP! To this form of governmental corruption that is using our court system to gain injunctions to extort monies or shut you out of your businesses. These are ways of the MOB……

  7. If this board is not stopped this is what they are saying. Nobody can legitimately go to Autozone and bue tint more than 5 times and apply it to any vehicles unless they pay them to register as a company. This is worse than the IRS. At least they give you the choice to claim a company as legitimate. With this board, they can trespass upon the private property and privacy rights of the general public and demand membership money from you and seek the local authorities assistance to shut you down. And here is the cherry on top of this unconstitutional cake…..this board is made up of 5 collision business owners, 1 mechanical repair shop owner, and 1 Ohio State employee (a strategically chosen Ohio Attorney General) which gives these other business owners and this public servant the authority to regulate every business in their fields and decide what competition should not exist. WOW! What the hell?……..Can anyone imagine what kind of power this is and how this MONOPOLY is totally unconstitutional and an abrogation of the rights of the people? There are 4000 auto repair shops in Ohio that perform mechanical services. In April they will be required to register with this board. 4000 x $225 = $900,000 dollars……Each mechanical shop has about 3 mechanics. Each mechanic that performs more than 5 repairs per year will be required to pay as an Opperator. So that’s about 3 x 4000 x $225 = $2,700,000 (two million seven hundred thousand dollars per year at least). And that don’t include the collision and window tinting businesses. They also got the legislature to add the car wash companies to their list of targets.

  8. Tinting should be regulated as there are too many cowboys over tinting and causing safety problems.
    Good guys welcome it Bad guys don’t want it.

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