EnerLogic Wins Technology of the Year Award

March 27th, 2013 by Editor

Solutia Inc., an Eastman Chemical Co. subsidiary, has announced its EnerLogic® VEP35 low-E window film has won the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) Technology of the Year award.

“We are honored to have received the 2013 AIMCAL Technology of the Year award. This award recognizes the significance of the technological advances found in EnerLogic 35 window film and its contribution to the field of retrofit building envelope energy savings,” says Travis Smith, vice president and general manager of Performance Films for Eastman.

According to a statement from the company the award is given to the “most significant new technology that impacts the converting industry of consumer market and stands out among the many industry innovations and advances.”

“Windows account for between 25 and 40 percent of annual HVAC costs,” says Jeremy Verstraete, global business manager for Eastman. “EnerLogic VEP35 can reduce HVAC usage, control energy costs and preserve views. Return on investment (ROI) is typically achieved in less than three years, but utility rebates and tax incentives may provide an even faster ROI. We’re very honored that AIMCAL recognized this energy-efficiency solution.”

EnerLogic VEP35 also earned the Technical award in the Other category for AIMCAL’s Vacuum Metalized or Coated Product competition.

One judge said having the film is “like adding a storm window.” Judging was conducted by a team of independent, nonaffiliated associates selected from diversified market areas selected for their expert knowledge and experience.

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  1. EnerLogic might have won an award, but I but it on my cars windscreen and over time small bubbles started appearing.

    I reported it to the local Llumar dealer and even took the winscreen out to enable them to send it back to the manufactures as the local technical person was not able to enlighten me on what the problem was.

    Two years have passed and after much correspondence I have not heard a word from Llumar South Africa or the manufactures.

    ”Put that in your pipe and smoke it ”
    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa.

  2. Leon, you probably know by now that Enerlogic is for flat glass. not automotive applications…

    Uriel, Sunshield Ltd. Israel

  3. Air 80 was designed for front windscreens.Rumors have it that Llumar Enerlogic has experienced other problems in South Africa.Whether you apply it on flat glass or automotives it should not start blistering after a few years.
    The thing that upsets me off is the lack of response to a problem. The way I was taught in business school,is that a problem is more inportant than a order. At our company we drop every thimng to solve problems as that is our brand which we need to protect.
    Llumar have an attitude and don’t care.I was the Llumar distributor in South Africa for 19 years and I know the way they deal with come backs. Sun Tek have the same attitude as they have a policy of no warrenties after 90 days from purchase on export orders. Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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