Meet the Supporters of the 2013 IWFC: 3M

April 10th, 2013 by Editor

Editor’s Note: Window Film magazine is marking the days until the 2013 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ by introducing this year’s Supporters with company profiles. Over the next few weeks, we will continue profiling each of the six Supporters you will see on the show floor—be sure to stay tuned.

Once again 3M is one of the Supporters of the 2013 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (IWFC). The event is set to be held this September 18-20 in Tampa, Fla., at the Tampa Convention Center and Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina. The Exhibition/Extravaganza will be held September 18-20.

During the conference, attendees will be able to take part in educational seminars by industry leaders and expert speakers, network on the Exhibition/Extravaganza show floor with window film manufacturers and suppliers and view the Tint-Off™ competitions.

We spoke with John Price, marketing communications supervisor for 3M.

Window Film magazine: John, why did 3M choose to sponsor the 2013 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (IWFC)?

Price: As a leading industry innovator, 3M understands firsthand the imperatives of not only keeping up with industry trends, but leading them. This means making a continuous effort to foster curiosity, evolve automotive applications and expand the capabilities of our employees, distributors and technicians. We are proud to support the IWFC in their similar efforts to educate those technicians, company owners, managers and suppliers who participate in the event and equip them with the latest tools and knowledge to stay at the cutting edge of their craft.

Window Film magazine: Why is an event like the IWFC important to the film industry?

Price: An event like the IWFC is important because it gives professionals in the industry a chance to compete and learn from one another. The unique trade and peer-to-peer education is unrivaled when it comes to swapping techniques. It’s also useful for participants to discuss consumer feedback together because it helps identify developing needs in the marketplace which can ultimately be explored and addressed by companies like 3M and those others in attendance.

Window Film magazine: What can attendees expect to see from 3M at the 2013 show?

Price: 3M is very excited to display its new Scotchshield Automotive Security Film which provides a powerful deterrent to smash-and-grab theft. Skilled car thieves can require as few as three seconds to break into a car. The new 3M Scotchshield Automotive Security Films are designed to keep glass in place upon breakage and have undergone rigorous testing to confirm that they will hold windows together and slow down a thief attempting to enter a vehicle. Overall, this new film is a great addition to our automotive window film line, offering customers increased theft and damage protection in addition to benefits like solar heat rejection.

Window Film magazine: What do you hope your dealers and distributors can obtain by attending an event like this?

Price: The IWFC is a great opportunity for dealers and distributors to gain a better understanding of the state of the industry. What are the latest trends? Where is the industry heading? What’s the next big breakthrough coming down the pipe? By staying in the know and on top of their game, they can continue to have a direct hand in shaping the future of the industry, growing their business and helping keep window film products top of mind for consumers.

Window Film magazine: Does 3M have any advice for the 2013 Tint-Off™ Automotive and Architectural Division competitors?

Price: Yes! Practice, relax and have fun. You can learn a great deal from these competitions, even just by watching others, so it’s important to take it all in and enjoy the experience.

The International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ is co-sponsored by Window Film magazine and the International Window Film Association. Auto Glass Week™ also will be held concurrently. The event is managed by Window Film magazine.

3M’s Renewable Energy Division provides window films for residential, commercial, government and automotive use serving customers all over the world.

To register or for more information, visit the official event website,

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  1. I would have expected 3M to bring something really innovative to the International Window Film Conference

    The likes of films that change from dark to light depending on the amount of sunlight or film that changes from clear to opaque for privacy in offices

    Safety films for ”smash and grab” is old news. We have been applying tripple layer mulitfutional films to cars offices shops and homes for these solutions for 35 years.

    Come on 3M, come up a better effort if you want to make a impact and stand in front of your competitors.

    Call me if you want some good smart ideas Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa 0116405053\7

  2. 3M Prestige gets it’s idea from the wings of a butterfly… i’d say that’s pretty ahead of the game. Check out thier 3M Di Chromatic films if you want to see something new fun and exciting.

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