New Dealer Opens Solar Gard-Brand Concept Shop

April 10th, 2013 by Editor

windowfilm2April10formatSolar Concepts LLC has opened in Richmond, Va., as a customer-centric concept shop under the Solar Gard brand.

Featuring Solar Gard brand automotive and architectural films exclusively, the store was designed with the idea of changing the customer experience.

“We designed the shop around what we thought the customers would want—we designed it around the customer experience,” said Jim Bundick, co-owner.

Renovated from an old piano gallery, Bundick and co-owner Brian Sexton who bring more than a combined 60 years of automotive aftermarket retail experience, along with Solar Gard support, converted the gallery area and offices to include a custom garage bay which features picture windows and a transparent garage door, allowing customers to watch installers as they tint automobiles from the comfort of the waiting area.

“The idea these guys came up with is to change the environment—the customer experience—where customers can watch them work on their cars,” said Ari Sacal, automotive product marketing manager for Solar Gard.

Features in the waiting area help sell the products the company offers as well as offer a relaxing environment.

Branded completely in Solar Gard logos, the independently owned shop has a waiting area with a large flat-screen television, coffee bar and chairs. The waiting area also features stations explaining various product offerings. An architectural zone allows consumers to test the heat resistance certain varieties of film offer. The front panel windows of the building are also each tinted with a different level of film and labeled with an explanatory card of specs.

Decorative films are featured on various internal glass panels in the waiting area and an automotive zone allows customers to view the different levels of films offered.

“The Solar Gard retail store concept has been around for many years with great success in other countries such as China, Malaysia and the Middle East and now Brian and Jim have made it a reality in Richmond,” said Kathryn Giblin, Solar Gard’s director of global marketing and technical services.

“As seasoned management executives and business entrepreneurs they are the ideal businessmen to launch this concept and we are delighted that they chose to partner with Solar Gard,” added Giblin.

“For Brian and me, we see this as an opportunity to do something different in the industry,” said Bundick.

The grand opening was held Friday, April 5 with a community reception Saturday, April 6.

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  1. This store does not sound very exciting to me.

    We build stores that create a ”wow factor” when the customers walk in. Putting greens for client to enjoy their stay, while their car are having a treatment.

    Old pinball machines to have some fun while waiting. These stores are decorated in memorobelia with cars from the 1950. Couches made from the back of old 1950 Chev cars , desks made from the front of the old cars.

    Lots of neon signs glowing at night creating a destination store with lots of appeal These stores are eye openers and becomes unforgetable memories to client,who tell their friends.

    Come on lets get creative and build stores that become talking points in your towns and get free puplicity in local papers. Get away from the norm and stand out above your compeditors. This is what one can call a concept store.
    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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