Maxpro Films Manufacturing Up and Running

July 10th, 2013 by Editor

In light of the opening of Maxpro Inc.’s new manufacturing line in Whiteville, N.C., company president Joe Cobbe sat down with Window Film magazine for an exclusive discussion about the plant as well as the vision for the young company.

Maxpro's new Whiteville, N.C., facility was constructed from a shell building of four walls with a dirt floor.

Maxpro’s new Whiteville, N.C., facility was constructed from a shell building of four walls with a dirt floor.

WFM: When did you officially become operational?

JC: We ran our first run Monday. We did our trial runs and we’ve been building the plant and machine since last August. Maxpro has been in the market for about six to seven years now, having others make our film for us. As of now, we make our own film.

WFM: What are some of the different manufacturing capabilities Maxpro has with the new facility?

JC: We have a state-of-the-art coater/laminator for window film. We make all products: safety/security, automotive window film, flat glass and architectural; a whole line of products. It’s a machine that was designed by our engineers who have years of experience in the window film industry.

WFM: About how much film are you projecting to produce annually?

JC: We don’t have projections in terms of volume. We don’t really know at this point. With the investment we’ve made we do expect to be a significant player in the window film market.

WFM: What does Maxpro hope to achieve by having this new manufacturing line?

JC: This sounds self-serving, but we think we’ll have the best window film in the industry. We think we have the expertise, the people and now the equipment. We will have the clearest, most stable film that can be purchased. It sounds so self-serving, but we are convinced and we have the knowledge. I couldn’t tell you how many years of experience there is among all of our people, but they have been involved with most of the biggest window film manufacturers in the world as employees or consultants over the last 25 years and they have developed as much knowledge of the industry as anyone.

The new manufacturing line will be able to produce all of Maxpro's lines of film.

The new manufacturing line will be able to produce all of Maxpro’s lines of film.

WFM: What were some of the challenges you faced when trying to get the manufacturing line operational?

JC: One of the challenges was finding a location and finding a building that was big enough that we could design to meet our own needs. The reason we’re in Whiteville, N.C., is because we found a 50,000 sq. ft. shell building we were able to finish to our own specifications without worrying about having to remodel. We could make it exactly how we wanted with a clean room that meets all of the HVAC requirements we have for filtering and maintaining the climate control of the clean room. Once we had the location, it was finding a manufacturer for the machine and having our engineers work with the machine manufacturers to design the machine.

WFM: How long did it take from the decision to manufacture to actually running the first rolls?

JC: Probably a little less than a year. This has been a fast track. The contractor started on the building last November; we ordered the machine last October. It went from a building with four walls and dirt floor to what we have now in about seven to eight months.

WFM: Is there anything else you think would be interesting or important for our readers to know?

JC: We’re the first to build a window film plant in the past five or six years. It is state-of-the-art in terms of technology which enable to control the process as good if not better than most. Our film for automotive has shrinkability that we’ve been told is faster than most which allows installers to tint vehicles more quickly, allowing them to tint more vehicles at a time. Also, our product will stay 100-percent Made in America here in Whiteville, N.C. That’s as apple pie and Chevrolet as you can get.

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  1. hi maxpro, do you have the capability to produce CDF detack films for architectural use?

  2. Who wants to be the first Guinea Pig or do new brooms sweep clean ?

    Very interesting, send us some sample to evaluate. We use tons of this stuff and are always happy to give new boys on the block a shot. if the price, service, quality and attitude is right.
    I wish you lots of sucess. Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

  3. Leon,
    I am Elizabeth Dillon with Maxpro Manufacturing LLC, if you will please email me your contact information I will be glad to talk with you regarding Maxpro Window Films. Thank you for your interest! My email address is

  4. how do i apply for a job i live about 10 mins away from the maxpro plant in whiteville nc very intersted in finding out how to apply for a job thank you…. john burr

  5. Hi
    Im from Puerto Rico and I want know the price cost of a lot from 100 item or more for distributer in PR. I want a store of window film for car and i use a 1 ply and a half from llumar exportation and the grade is type B . The window film in maxpro is grade A or B ? What is the porcent if the company works? I work 42% 35% 20% and 5 % . Please tell me assp to order. Thanks jorge

  6. I would love to learn more about Maxpro Films and it’s application for residential and commercial windows. What kind of warranties are offered and with what length? I run a window tinting business based in San Antonio and we are looking for a new supplier for our residential and commercial divisions. Please reach out with additional info. info @

  7. Maxpro invited me to their factory for a tour and I was able to purchase on the spot
    My customers LOVE IT. Love you Maxpro.

  8. You stated you had others making your film for you at one point. Is that something you would consider doing for me?

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