Plummer Details Fletcher’s Exit from Madico Window Films

July 17th, 2013 by Editor

Though it may have been news for some in the industry, Madico Window Films’ recent announcement that its division president David Fletcher had retired wasn’t surprising for those with the company.

“David had been in a sort of retirement mode already—starting some years ago—but there had always been ‘the next challenge’ … he has been looking at exit strategies for some time but he felt he needed to see the successful acquisition of Solamatrix to Madico,” says Jeffrey Plummer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the company. “I think about a year ago he started to feel good about leaving with a good conscience. This has been sort of a quiet plan for the better part of a year.”

Over that year, the company has made several notable changes, including the hiring of former president and general manager of HanitaTek Window Films, Jim Black as regional manager of North America, the promotion of Angie Leonetti to marketing and customer relations manager and increasing investments in manufacturing and customer service development.

“For the past year we’ve been putting things in place,” adds Plummer. “David is still on the board with us in a consulting role. While he’s not at the company, he’s still with us in that role. That relationship will continue for a while.”

Plummer adds that during the preparation for Fletcher’s departure, the company decided not to fill the position after he left.

“We feel that for the last three years, but certainly in the last year and a half, Shawn [Kitchell, vice president of operations] and I have been working with Bob [Connelly, president and CEO] to focus on sales and marketing and customer relationships. Our group is fairly seasoned and experienced. The customer interface side doesn’t change at all and that is our plan going forward,” says Plummer. “With the strengthening of his team over the time, we don’t see the need to replace David because with the integration of Madico as one company, the conduit of us reporting to Bob, is a very workable approach.”

As for further changes from the company, Plummer says there aren’t any current plans.

“Generally speaking, we feel that we have been working toward a sustainable structure so we don’t have any grand plan or scheme from an organizational view. How we are now is how we believe we’ll be for a while now,” says Plummer. “We’re excited if the highway is built and the customer relationships are strengthened we can create new product s to help our dealers grow … We’ve been busy trying to grow a window film business but generally, we’re pretty happy with where we are.”

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  1. Jeffrey I think you are in a good space at the present time but don’t be complacent as there are many of your compeditors after you my man. Also please keep your pricing more compeditive as your are not selling gold. Kind Regards Leon

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