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August 6th, 2013 by Editor

A lot can change in a year. This magazine and the window film industry are both examples of just how much difference 12 months can make.

When I took over as editor of this magazine a year ago (my first day was August 6, 2012), I knew that this was a publication I could grow with had some changes in mind. I didn’t realize how much the magazine would actually transform during the following months.

Together, we’ve seen a change in some of the design and layout of the magazine; welcomed a new columnist, Hann Kim; and added a new department, Tint Tips. Our e-newsletter has grown from a bi-weekly publication to a weekly publication and the website has more traffic than ever.

We also won our second Azbee award for Best Webcast Series from the American Society of Business Publication Editors and I couldn’t be more thankful to be able to share that with all of you (and our wonderful video and media services team)! Your suggestions and feedback, openness and curiosity have helped me work toward shaping and refining Window Film into something you want to pick up each issue and something I’m proud to write.

As we’ve grown together over the past year, I’ve seen an industry united in its desire to raise consumer awareness. I can tell you by the quality of leads I’ve gathered since my first weeks here, your efforts are working. When we first talked about making the newsletter weekly, I had been warned that there just may not be enough news or that I may have to run a smaller newsletter. Because of your consistent efforts to get window film out to the public, that hasn’t been the case. You’d also be surprised over the course of this year how less often I have to explain what window film is to people who ask what I do. That truly is a testament to the work all of you have been putting into consumer education and extending your marketing efforts. Additionally, this year’s International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (IWFC) is going to be the largest yet, with more competitors registered for the Architectural and Automotive Divisions than ever.

I met many of you last year at IWFC and I look forward to seeing you again. A lot has changed over this year for the better, both for the industry and its magazine. I’m excited to continue growing with you over the coming years.

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  1. Casey … first of all, congratulations on your second straight Azbee Gold Medal. This is an amazing accomplishment. Secondly, you have done an incredible job over the past several months and I wish you continued success with the magazine going forward. Lyle Hill

  2. Thanks so much Lyle! I really appreciate it! I have to give credit to the past editor, Katie O’Mara, on the first award, as well as our wonderful media services department and editorial team for both. Looking forward to seeing what else we can do!

    See you soon!

  3. Dear Casey, You know and I know the sky is the limit,You have a passion for your product and if is shining through in the improvements in you magazine which has become a valuable tool to all who are involved in our industry.

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