Business Abounds at International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off

September 19th, 2013 by Editor

Day two of the International Widow Film Conference and Tint-Off opened with a variety of business-enhancing seminars. Following a show welcoming, attendees were invited to attend Tips to Effectively Manage Your Business by Paul Tauchar, owner of Solar Control of Jackson and How to Effectively Transition and Build Your Business by Luc Goemaere, business segment manager, architectural-Americas, for Solar Gard. Later, Linda Irwin, founder of Seecomm Group, offered her Customer-Focused Marketing presentation.Both Tauchar and Goemaere discussed tips for effectively managing window film businesses. While Tauchar’s presentation hearkened back to yesterday’s keynote speaker Jim Abbott and the success people can find with hard work and determination. Goemaere discussed how to pitch sales dependent on the person to whom you are speaking in a particular market and working capital.

Ron Jones of HanitaTek told attendees what tools they needed to better their businesses.

Ron Jones of HanitaTek told attendees what tools they needed to better their businesses.

In Irwin’s customer-centric marketing presentation, she told attendees, “Marketing is not about you or your products. It’s about your customers … People don’t care about products or services.”

Irwin told attendees that consumers shop for an experience, and marketing should address the concerns of the consumer, then gave them a pop quiz that helped attendees evaluate their solution statements geared toward customers’ problems. Attendees then were shown how to build a spreadsheet plan for return on investment based on the owner’s objective.

Later in the afternoon, Ron Jones, LEED AP O+M, southeast regional manager for HanitaTek, shared his presentation Best Practices for Installation and the Best Tools for the Job, and Logan Bryant, manager of marketing technical services for the Americas for Eastman Chemical Co., discussed how to Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost with New Plotter/Software Technology.

Jones said best practices for a company include having systems for paperwork, such as estimate and material calculation sheets, in addition to warranties, as well as effective tools. Having backup tools is an important consideration when building the consumer experience, he said. The last thing you want is to have to stop a job because you don’t have a backup tool available in the event one fails. Having a dress code, behavior guidelines and professionalism, Jones said, helps reduce the chance something will go wrong or be missed during a job.

Bryant, in his seminar, said utilizing software was another way dealers could better manage their jobs. He also told attendees about the process behind developing a successful software program, including the many failures that go along with trying to find a strong software solution.

Finally, Joanne Schultz, president of TintPro, discussed how using whole-business software, specifically one created for the window film industry, can help better a business by eliminating costs and helping owners to better survey inventory, among other benefits.

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