Window Films a Big Trend at 2014 SGIA Expo

October 29th, 2013 by Editor

SGIAwebAt the 2014 SGIA Expo in Orlando, Fla., last week, exhibitors agreed that specialty graphics and window film promise to have a budding relationship in the coming years.

“Window film is the next big step for graphics,” says Jerry Hill, vice president of new market business development for Richmond, Va.-based Drytac Corp.

“Windows is a huge growth area,” agrees Larry Salomon, vice president of wide format for AGFA Graphics.

According to the exhibitors, the growth potential for window film dealers is immense, as there are various segments in the market that are yet untapped.

“Graphics is something window film dealers and installers should look at,” says Robert Rundle, Viscom market manager for Ritrama. “There’s a whole network of printers looking for installers. Printers always get the job but can’t install.” He also notes that many graphics consumers are seeking a temporary solution, particularly for retail and building installations, which he says, “they want those for about one to three months, then it’s time to remove.”

Wrap and graphics are currently in a state of evolution, seeing new products enter the market as a result of changing consumer trends.

“Wraps in general we’ve been seeing grow. Vehicle wraps is always growing,” says Eric Zimmerman, products manager for color products at Roland DGA. “I’ve seen a lot of wall and wrap and unusual surface options too.”

Consumers interested in vehicle wraps are now, “into a more unique look,” says William Chin of Azusa, Calif.-based KK Label. “They’re not just into a basic color-changing look. They like to add the look of texture now.”

The changes in the market and technology are also making now the time for dealers seeking add-on services to consider specialty graphics.

“Four years ago, you had to spend $40,000 to print on metallic,” says Andrew Oransky, senior director of marketing and product management at Roland DGA. “Printing technology even a year ago would have cost $30,000 to get into. Now you can get it for almost half the price.”

In addition to custom vehicle and building wraps, including odd-surface wraps, exhibitors consistently showcased film options to which they custom-printed decorative options, as well as perforated films. Dry- and self-adhering custom-printable window decals were another trend for many exhibitors, including two-way options that were 100-percent opaque. Many of the companies, including Avery Dennison, Roland and Ritrama, also offer training and education courses or webinars for interested dealers.

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