Left Out in the Cold – Dealers List Their Top Cold-Weather Selling Strategies

January 22nd, 2014 by Editor

When the temperatures dip, sales for window film companies have a tendency to follow. So just what can your company do to maintain sales during colder weather? According to several dealers in winter weather-prone states, falling back on traditional marketing strategies helps.

“For me a lot of it is referral and repeat business,” says Dave Mow, sales manager for Advanced Solar Solutions in Clawson, Mich. “I keep in contact with all of my customers. Our main source of advertising is the Internet.”

“Work on Sundays,” adds Mark Fravel, owner of Columbus, Ohio-based Quality Window Tint, “which helps because most people in the winter time will wait until they’re off on Saturdays. You can always work on Saturday or Sunday and take Monday off.”

“The main thing we continue to use is word-of-mouth. We have longstanding relationships with construction companies that still need to have work done,” states Jennifer Shepherd, inside sales for flat glass at Absolute Perfection in Sykesville, Md. “We don’t cold-call, but we do rely on repeat customers coming back to us. We also do email promotions … such as $100 off.”

Setting yourself apart from the competition is another area in which dealers say they reel in winter time business.

“Security films are always a big request,” says Mow. “The new low-E coated films are starting to get more requests, especially in our climate.

“We also have [film] which offers summer and winter [heat control] benefits,” he adds. Mow, whose company serves the commercial market, primarily recommends architectural film dealers “go to glaziers unions, architects and glass companies” to try and find additional work.

You really just have to take the initiative,” adds Shepherd. “We have really great customer service; if someone contacts us we get back to them immediately.”

What are your best tips for sustaining your company during the off-season? Email the editor at cneeley@glass.com and tell us.

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