Torrent of Severe Weather Conditions Paves Way for Tax-Free Window Film Sales

February 19th, 2014 by Editor

Many people are familiar with the ever-popular tax-free weekend hosted in many states, oftentimes for back-to-school events. School isn’t the catalyst for all tax-free holidays, however. Blame Jack Frost and Mother Nature.

Several states have severe weather awareness weekends, allowing consumers to purchase weather preparedness goods and services, which includes window film. Currently, the three states with tax-free weekends catering to consumer weather needs are Alabama, Virginia and Louisiana.

According to the Alabama Retail Association, from 12:01 a.m. February 21 through February 23, a variety of preparedness items, not in excess of $60 per item, may be purchased less the state’s four-percent tax. Providing it meets the standards listed, window film is listed among the items covered.

Other states that host similar programs include Louisiana and Virginia. Virginia’s tax-free holiday will run Sunday, May 25 through Saturday, May 31. Louisiana will host its weekend in May.

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