Virginia Looking to Add Window Film Testing to State Auto Inspection

February 26th, 2014 by Editor

A new bill making its way through the Virginia General Assembly could add window film to the list of items checked during state auto inspection.

Senate bill 408 (SB480) would require that the, “Department of State Police shall amend 19VAC30-70 of the Virginia Administrative Code so that a motor vehicle safety inspection shall include inspection of window tint with a tint meter to ensure that tinting is within the legal range established pursuant to §46.2-1052 of the Code of Virginia. Such requirements shall provide that inspection stations use tint meters that are only as accurate as necessary so that costs may remain nominal,” according to the proposed amendment introduced to the Senate Committee on Transportation by Senator Jeff McWaters (R-Virginia Beach).

The measure passed in the Senate 38-0 January 21 and was approved 5-2 by a House of Delegates transportation subcommittee February 24. SB480 now will move on to the House Transportation Committee.

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