Filmtack Announces Window Film Carbon Emission Reduction Calculator

March 19th, 2014 by Editor

Filmtack announced that it has completed the development of a window films Carbon Emission Reduction Calculator (CERC) tool for air-conditioning systems in joint-collaboration with Japanese associates.

The findings currently are being reviewed by independent third-party auditors before publication. The CERC tool is expected to be available by mid-2014.

According to officials from Filmtack in a statement, “the CERC enables window film users to obtain an estimate of the Carbon Emission reduction (energy-saving gauge) for their air-conditioning system after tinting. It simulates the energy-workload of operating air-conditioners after the installation of a clear Shading Coefficient 0.60 window tint. The 2010-11 weather data from some of the world’s main cities are used in the finding with elementary assumptions based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.”

“Although the data collected are non-guaranteed provisional figures from software simulations, we are committed to provide a conservative tool for comparing and explaining the merits of using good window films in glass-glazings. Concentrating the CO2-reduction data specifically to air-conditioning units allows us to minimize the variables involved and reduces the likelihood of overstating the energy-saving figures,” says Mr. K.H. Poon, director of FilmTack Pte Ltd. “With a simplified online calculator, window film businesses can easily present energy-saving opportunities to home and office owners, which is often the first step in securing users’ interest.”

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