Geoshield Opens New Online Store

March 26th, 2014 by Editor

Geoshield announced the opening of its new online store for window film and related supplies.

According to Burns Mulhearn, president, the site has been a long time coming.

“We’ve been battling with it for a long time,” he says. “We probably spent the last five months actually doing it. For a long time we’ve toyed with getting a site up but you have some of the same problems—dealers who don’t want customers to be able to see pricing, not cutting out distributors.”

The site, which launched a week ago, has gotten positive response so far, Mulhearn says, including a number of dealers who are surprised by the amount of products Geoshield offers.

“I think we’ve really become a complete company. We’ve been in business almost 10 years now; we’ve really grown our product base and we wanted to show off everything we have. We started with one film. Now having multiple films and lines, tools and point-of-purchase displays, we have basically everything you need,” he says. “Our whole goal is to make high quality ceramic films more available to dealers. That’s what the site is about—making it easier for dealers to get the high-end products that they need.”

Mulhearn says he anticipates the site will become password protected by the end of this week, making it exclusive to dealers only. To visit the site, go to

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