Dominion Virginia Power to Offer Businesses Rebate for Window Film Installations

July 23rd, 2014 by Casey Flores

Virginia commercial window tint companies and their clients alike have reason to be excited about Dominion Virginia Power’s new Non-Residential Window Film Program.

In an effort to achieve greater levels of energy efficiency, the electric company is offering Virginia businesses that install window film to their existing windows a rebate. The program started June 1, 2014 and will last for five years.

Ralph Joyce, energy conservation program manager with Dominion Virginia Power is hopeful the effort will help conserve energy for businesses across Virginia.

“Clearly, we believe window film can offer Dominion’s non-residential customers lower cooling bills and improved comfort … We project about 2,000 non-residential customers to participate in the Window Film Program over its five year duration.  Grocery stores, hotels, retail stores, offices, warehouses, strip malls, hospitals, fast food restaurants, and private schools are expected to be active participants,” Joyce says.

Bill Valway, president of Absolute Perfection Window Tinting in Sykesville, Md., and who serves the Virginia area as well,sees value in the program for tint shops and businesses alike.

“Our company was the main window film company that helped them develop the program. We are very involved with similar programs in Maryland. Just this year, we helped our customers get $120,000 in rebates.”

In order for businesses to receive the rebate, they must contact a participating contractor, have qualifying window film installed on their windows and have the contractor submit the rebate application on the business’s behalf within 45 days of the completed work.

In order to qualify the installers must have either passed the IWFA Solar Control Specialist Accreditation or the company must have one accredited installer. They must also go through an orientation and meet Dominion standards to participate (safety rules, proper licenses, insurance, good standing with BBB), according to Joyce. “Dominion is actively targeting film contractors in order to get them to become participating contractors in this program,” he says.

The rebate rates are calculated based on the improvement in Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC) and are as follows:

SHGC Improvement

Incentive per Sq. Ft. of film



.3 to .4


.2 to < .3


Businesses may also authorize payment of the rebate to the installer to offset their out-of-pocket expenses.

Kevin Davis, owner of The Tint Shoppe in Woodbridge, Va., sees the program as a way to garner more business.

“Any sort of rebate or tax credit, you can definitely use it in your sales pitch. Businesses, they’re going to be [where they are] for quite a while … so any way they can recuperate their money, especially with window film, is a great investment. That’s something that I would promote through my website then … I would definitely let them know that that rebate is available to them,” he says.

The program is only available in Virginia, though Dominion is attempting to expand its reach.

“We are actively working for approval in North Carolina (our service territory, all or parts of 22 counties in northwestern North Carolina).  If approved, we hope to expand the Window Film [program] to North Carolina in January, 2015,” says Joyce.

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