The Road to Absolute Perfection by Bill Valway
by Bill Valway
September 10th, 2014

The Road to Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection is a quickly-growing Window Tinting, Graphics, & Media Company in Sykesville, Maryland. This monthly blog will take you behind the scenes of Absolute Perfection and let you in on a few of our secrets, from marketing tips to tricks of the trade – but first, check out how Absolute Perfection was started.

“Back in my day…”

The year was 2001 and the motivation was spending money and a flexible work schedule. Who knew a tint shop that started out of mom and dad’s garage would be so successful? Don’t knock garage startups. Some of the most successful companies started in a garage – Amazon, Apple and Google being just a few.

I worked at an automotive and residential tint shop when I was 15. By 17, I was the shop’s workhorse for minimum wage. I thought, ‘Hey, why not start my own tint shop and make more money for the same amount of work? It can’t be that hard; plus, mom and dad won’t charge rent for the garage.’

By the end of year three, my client list was bigger than one man could handle, so I brought on my best friend, Tim Cooke. Tim started tinting cars with me in 2004. Of course we were really busy – We’re really popular, people love us, plus we’re cute,” Tim likes to joke, but the truth is, in a small town like Sykesville, everyone is willing to give a friend business. But soon, word of mouth wasn’t the only source of marketing.

Growing the Business

Bill and Tim

CEO Bill Valway (Right) and COO Tim Cooke (Left) in 2009.

When Absolute Perfection first got started, we used business cards, word of mouth and networked until we couldn’t network anymore. The “guerilla warfare” method of dropping fliers in mailboxes worked, but there was only so much time in the day. Soon we had more jobs than we could keep up with and no time for marketing. If we wanted to grow our customer base, we would have to expand.

And so, that’s how the story goes. Today, Absolute Perfection has 18 full time employees and three divisions including vehicle wrapping and a media division which provides online marketing, website design and video production.

So, About Those Tips & Tricks…

This month’s tip is on SEO. What is SEO? It’s your website’s best friend. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically it’s a strategy that determines how your website ranks on Google. Below you can see how Absolute Perfection ranks for the search query “window tinting maryland.”

How do you increase your websites PageRank? Check out 5 SEO Practices to help boost your PageRank from the Digital Media Nerds at AP Media…


Top 5 SEO Practices

  • Content is King, Quality is Queen – Make sure your website content is unique. A blog can be your best friend as long as it is unique, engaging content.
  • Keyword TargetingUse highly-targeted and relevant keywords that have good search volume. Try using Google keyword planner for suggestions.
  • Geo-Targeted Content – Target Different geographical locations with quality content to rank in those locations.
  • Mix it up! Engage users by interchanging written content, videos, images and infographics.
  • Link-Building – Links help Google recognize the authority of your website. Get listed in local directories, create content worth sharing, and establish your company on social media are some good places to start.

SEO is a quickly growing tool in the marketing world. When was the last time you used a phone book to find a company? Today’s generation goes straight to Google for answers. Make sure your business can be found with a good SEO strategy. Have questions? Leave us a comment or visit us at!

Stay Tuned for Next Month’s Blog on … Is Your Company Identity Schizophrenic?

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