Easy Steps to Making Money: No Bull

October 10th, 2014 by Editor

“Let your readers know I’m excited to come and give them stuff that makes them money.”

That statement was made by Brian Offenberger prior to the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off. And in his keynote speech, he did just that.

The owner of Right On – No Bull Marketing began his session by talking about the latest buzz phrase search engine optimization (SEO).

“Eight out of ten of us skip the organic ads and go straight to the natural stuff,” he said. ”[But] buyers turn to search engines to find things, so it’s very important for companies to be as high in the search engine rankings as they possibly can.”

Important for film shops, Offenberger spoke of how to optimize for local markets.

“Key words have a geographic focus,” he said. “For instance, I can type in ‘window film’ or I can type in ‘window film, Kansas City.’”

In order to capitalize on searches in their specific areas, companies need to have consistent NAPs – name, addresses and phone numbers.

“If you spell out ‘East,’ spell it out everywhere. Same with ‘Lane,’” he said as an example. In doing so, businesses will optimize their local rankings.

Also important to SEO are keywords.

“Your goal is to have 30 terms relevant to your industry. Where do you start with [them]? Take ten minutes brainstorming and writing down the words you think people search for regarding your business,” he said.

After choosing keywords, companies need to put those words into their website’s programming, Offenberger instructed. He stressed that a company should use its city and zip code in a website’s ‘meta-title,’ which is what Google ‘reads’ when searching. “In your meta-title, you need your keyword and a geographic location,” he said.

He mentioned a few more ways to increase rankings.

  • Put a video on your site.
  • Have a social media account.
  • Get your links on other pages.
  • “Claim” your business on google and other websites.



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