Halloween: A Sweet Time for Anti-Graffiti Film Sales

October 29th, 2014 by Casey Flores

Typically October 31st starts off sweet, but it can very quickly turn bitter into the night and the next morning.

Smashed pumpkins, “toilet-papered” houses and graffiti are unfortunately much more common place on Halloween than any other night of the year.

It’s in the weeks leading up to the holiday that film installers may be missing out on their best opportunity to market anti-graffiti film.

Chambers says that while anti-graffiti film may be considered “cheap,” that doesn’t mean there’s not money in it. Photo: Johnson Window Film

“I definitely think dealers are missing out,” says Elizabeth Dillon, vice president of sales and marketing for Maxpro Window Films. Dillon says she thinks Halloween is a great time to make the push to sell this product, especially for film dealers in areas that experience more graffiti vandalism than most.

Hillary Thomas of SunTek agrees. “If there’s a place that [tends to] get vandalized during Halloween then anti-graffiti film is a great solution,” says the vice president of marketing. “If it’s not vandalized, [customers] can leave it up there to provide protection throughout the year.”

Apparently, graffiti artists have preferred tagging spots that sales representatives have taken notice of over the years.

“A good place to look for graffiti is around bus stops,” says Steve Chambers, vice president of sales and marketing for Johnson Window Film. “People that have businesses near bus stops get hit all the time. People waiting for the bus [tag] the glass.”

Chambers says when he was a sales representative for a window film company and would see businesses with scratched glass, he’d go right to the owner and offer them a window film solution. He encourages window film installers to do the same thing for anti-graffiti film, as it’s an opportunity for repeat business.

“It’s a good residual job in the window film industry. A lot of our jobs are [one-time applications]. It tends to be [a cheaper film] but I know a dealer who moves a half a million dollars’ worth of it in LA,” he explains.

Besides Halloween, Chambers says any time there’s a big community event would be a good time to sell the product.

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