Recent Civil Unrest Causes Spike in Security Film Demand

November 26th, 2014 by Casey Flores

After months of speculation, late Monday night it was announced that the grand jury declined to indict officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

The announcement was followed by riots, looting and arsonists setting fire to more than 20 buildings overnight, ABC News reported.

Anticipating riots, local businesses have caused a surge in orders of security film.

“I’ve sold more security film in the last three months than I’ve sold in five years,” says Richard Hollocher, vice president at Solar Control Films, a St. Louis-based distributor.

A representative from one window film company (who prefers not to be named to maintain client confidentiality) traveled four hours to Ferguson in response to increased demand.

“They were wanting the security film on before the indictment decision because everyone knew that there were going to be protesters and riots,” she said. The business they serviced was on the main road where demonstrations took place.

In response to the ruling, demonstrators in the town of Oakland, Calif. took to the streets as well. The city is no stranger to destructive protests—during the Occupy Wall Street movement, violent protest there lasted for months.

“Oakland is going to be our worst area. They always get hit,” says Matt Castleman, owner of C.B. Tint in Campbell, Calif., who received calls first thing in the morning from people requesting security film. “A lot of my corporate accounts have been calling me with reports of damage to their windows. It’s a crazy town. I thought it was too cold for us Californians to riot but apparently not.”

Castleman says buildings with security film fare far better than those without and in some cases, looters will give up and move on to a building that’s easier to break into.

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  1. I remember something very similar over here in the UK. Riots erupted across England. Windows being smashed to raid shop for goods and just general vandalism. Buildings set on fire. You get the picture.

    These events for the glass and window film trade are like taking candy from a baby. But with it brings problems for the business owners themselves. How are they to know what is a good piece of film fitting to a piece of total rubbish. The answer is simple. They don’t!!

    So, my advice is this. Don’t make a knee jerk reaction and get, as we say in the uk, just any Tom, Dick or Harry to do the work. In other words, Research, Research, Research.

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