Film's Edge by Casey Flores
by Casey Flores
February 18th, 2015

Do You Even Brand, Bro?

In college, I took a graphic design class that kept me up at night—not because of the academic difficulty, but because my professor devoted a portion of the class to the art of branding. Many of the points he made were simply brilliant.

He started by going through the history and evolution of the term, dating back to the great depression. At that point in time, simplicity was key. Grocery stores sold groceries—appropriately straightforward.

Now, he says, branding is more about who the consumer is in relation to a company. How often have you hear people say, “I’m an Apple loyalist,” or say they’re devoted to Coke products over Pepsi?

Coca-Cola's logo has stayed the same since the 1940s.

Coca-Cola’s logo has stayed the same since the 1940s.

It’s also pivotal to get branding right the first time. Since its inception, Coca-Cola’s logo has stayed the same. Its chief competitor, Pepsi, has changed its logo more times than almost any other company of its stature.

Part of the reason 3M dealers use 3M film, they tell me, is because of the brand recognition. They say that consumers instinctively know they’re in good hands with 3M and are proud to be affiliated with the company in some way. That’s also the reason many were upset about the company’s partnership with Window Genie. Many told me it “cheapens the brand,” which may be jumping the gun a bit, but only time will tell that.

As I survey various tint shops nationwide, I’ve seen some branding hits and some branding misses. It’s always nice to see a tint shop that has a strong logo, fluid website and dominant social media presence. At the same time, it’s disappointing to see shops with several different (and sometimes, frankly, strange) logos, outdated websites and no social media presence. I realize different shops have different markets, sizes and missions, but at least two out of three of those categories should be standouts. It’s necessary to making your tint shop a place with which people want to be associated.

That being said, I am issuing you a challenge. For the first time ever, Window Film magazine will hold a contest that ranks the top tint shop logos. I know logos aren’t the entirety of a brand, but it’s certainly where branding starts. An independent, noteworthy graphic designer will judge entries and the top prizewinner will receive a $100 gift card and be featured in the May/June issue of the magazine. Please submit your logos as high-resolution images for judging to no later than Wednesday, March 11. Entries more than 9 MB must be sent via dropbox or another sharing service.

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  1. One must keep in mind when creating a brand, ”marketing and advertising is not only for the present”,.
    One get the attention of the potential client right away, however seeds are also planted for the taking at a later stage.
    Repetition advertising creates ”trust” with comsumers and embeds the brand name in their minds.
    ”Test advertising is a must” when one spend hard earned dollars.
    One needs to get ”maximium mileage for the least amount of money”.
    Marketing and advertising can ”make or break any company”.
    It is to important to be left to a staff member and should be tackled by very experienced Director.

  2. I imagine it’s hard for some people to change their ways let alone understand the fast paced and ever-changing landscape of SEM, SEO and social media management. Still, a good logo and branding should be part of any businesses core marketing strategy. Great article as always and I’m looking forward to seeing who wins the best logo.

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