This Distributor’s New Tactic Just Made Window Film Easier to Sell

February 11th, 2015 by Editor

Some film companies use heat lamps so customers can feel a difference with film. Now, a Singapore-based film distributor has released a study showing film’s heat reduction capacities visually.

Filmtack, with their window film product applied to glass, used modern thermal imaging technology to capture a visual representation of heat reduction.

“Premium window tints in our industry can be virtually invisible after tinting, and provide superior heat reduction by keeping the interior cool without noticeable reduction of natural daylight,” says K.H. Poon, director at Filmtack. “It lowers energy consumption for air-conditioning units during summer and indoor radiant-energy loss during winter. The use of a thermal-imaging device to realistically educate the public about the solar insulation properties of window tints is proving to be invaluable.”

Pictured below, the first part of the demonstration allows users to visualize the advantages of using window films to filter heat from the solar spectrum, without significant loss of visible light.


The second part of the demonstration directs the thermal imaging camera to illuminate the figurine with a higher heat exposure; and the camera recorded a lower body temperature for the figurine that is protected by the film.


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