Fransko Leaving Interwest to Launch Window Film Marketing Company

March 18th, 2015 by Casey Flores

After nearly two years as the company’s chief marketing officer, Patric Fransko is leaving Interwest Distribution Company April 3, but not cutting relations entirely.

Fransko’s exit-strategy is three-pronged.

First, instead of being his full-time employer, Interwest will now become one of Fransko’s first clients, as he is launching Eye Magnet Management, a marketing and media management company.

Patric Fransko will leave Interwest to serve the window film industry as a whole.

Patric Fransko will leave Interwest to serve the window film industry as a whole.

Second, his new company won’t just serve large corporate clients like Interwest, but also small business owners—like window film companies.

“I want to take the marketing expertise I have and bring that down to the dealer level,” Fransko says. “I have a passion for that.”

Fransko says the need for marketing management at the dealer level is “bigger than ever” and he will be able to offer packaged marketing services to help small- to medium-sized window film companies grow their customer base for a “small business price.”

Third, part of his desire to serve dealers will include launching a dealer-focused organization.

“The objective will be to promote window film in a non-branded way,” he says. “We’ll bring public awareness to window film,” utilizing marketing strategies to attempt to educate the masses about the product’s benefits.

“All the marketing [of window film] that’s been done has been done primarily on a localized basis by the local dealer or on a national basis but from a manufacturer marketing their own brand,” he says. “Not a lot of marketing has been done in this industry to the end-user.”

Fransko says there are tools available now that weren’t available ten years ago to help achieve this goal. He’s assembled a team of media experts for his initial planning season but has no official launch date nailed down yet.

Hugh Bernardi Jr., CEO at Interwest, says while they’re sorry to see Fransko leaving, “we are excited for him knowing that he’s passionate about his new endeavor.”

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