The Road to Absolute Perfection by Bill Valway
by Bill Valway
April 1st, 2015

The Four Fatal Fears

Fear. It has the ability to control your decision making process, get under your skin and hold you back from achieving your biggest goals. Fear is the thing that keeps you in your comfort zone. Without fear of potential negative consequences, there would be nothing holding us back.

It’s been said that there are four fatal fears when it comes to business. Fear of:

  • Failure. We need to succeed;
  • Rejection. We need to be accepted;
  • Emotional discomfort. We need emotional comfort; and
  • Being wrong. We need to be right.

Most of us have experienced every one of these at some point in our lives; however, it’s likely you have one prominent fear that’s followed by a less obvious secondary fear. The first step of overcoming these fears is to identify your own character defects or self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.


My biggest fear in business is rejection. There are a few people out there who just don’t give a damn who likes them or not, some who want everyone to like them and some who are like me—they feel a need for acceptance. Identifying this really helped me push myself and my business to succeed. I was able to identify why I had this fear, how it affected my decision making process and how I could make some changes.

Overcoming these fears didn’t always come easy. It took practice and a conscious effort to rid myself of them. This meant I had to put myself in situations where I was uncomfortable on a regular basis. I’m not talking about sleeping on a cement bed, either. I’m talking about forcing myself to be in situations where I might not be accepted or make those decisions that could lead to failure.

At first it was difficult, but with practice, it became more instinctive to adapt to the situations with which I was faced. As with any normal person I still have fears, but now they don’t control my life. When faced with a difficult decision, I know I must push through. If I don’t, it will hold both myself and my company back, which affects many people.

So what can you do about your fears? First ask yourself what’s holding you back. Identify your biggest fear—is it failure, rejection, emotional discomfort, or being wrong?

Now I challenge you to ask yourself; what decisions are you putting off because of fear? Then push through that and make the damn decision! Let that fear be the driving factor to achieving the seemingly unachievable. You can thank me later.

Bill Valway is the CEO of Absolute Perfection Window Tinting.

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  1. Get out of the comfort zone and into the fast lane.
    ”Nothing ventured nothing gained”
    There is alway an opportunity out there.
    Find the gap and move in.

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