Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
May 27th, 2015

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Business is …

Regardless of the industry, what is the most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your business? Some may say it’s having a solid business plan or proper capital reserves, a good business location, effective marketing, etc. While all of those things play an important role in helping your business achieve success, the factors that contributes the most to your long-term success are the people you hire.Fransko1

I know this not only from reading about many great companies but also through personal experience. A great team of people can propel a company to even greater heights than would have been thought achievable. Also, a team with some bad apples can bring doom upon even the most promising venture. Since it’s employees that either make or break your business, here are three practices that will help you get staffing right the first time.

  1. Culture is More Important Than a Resume

Don’t get me wrong, someone needs to have the appropriate skills to do the job for which they’re being hired; however, after that baseline skill set requirement is met, how that person fits within the culture of your organization matters more than incremental differences in ability. It’s imperative that a new hire fits the company culture no matter how good they might be at their job. Someone that buys into a company vision and works well with other employees will create a synergy that enables a team to achieve more than it would otherwise.
No matter how good one particular employee might be, if their actions are not team-oriented and they’re not a good cultural fit with other members of the staff, it will eventually be detrimental to a business. Even the best-performing employees can be a cancer to your organization if they’re only in it for themselves.

  1. Never Hire Out of Desperation

Looking for good employees to help your business grow should be an ongoing activity. Even if you don’t need an employee right now, always be on the lookout for those could be a great fit for your organization. You never (I repeat, never!) want to hire someone that’s not a good fit just because you’re desperate to fill the position. Doing that will only end badly and damage your company’s morale and reputation while they’re with you.
I asked a company that’s known for having world-class customer service how they get even the entry level employees to buy into the company’s passion for customer care. They told me simply, “We are always open to hire the right person.” In other words, when they come across the people that would be a perfect fit for them, they make room for them on the team, even if they’re not hiring at the time. Their thought is that there’s always more room for their next great employee.

  1. Character is Non-Negotiable

This should go without saying, but if there’s anything revealed in the interview or the candidate’s work history that makes you question their character, simply pass on hiring them. I’m all for second chances and I do believe people can change, but someone should be able to explain the situation in a way that allows you to understand whether this was a one-time mistake or a pattern of behavior. On the other hand, if someone has a track record of having a good character, you can be more comfortable that they will continue to follow their convictions and exhibit good character with you as well.

While these three things are not a comprehensive list of things you want to have in an employee, they give you a solid foundation by which to judge candidates. The risk of making bad hiring decisions is too great to leave it to chance. This one thing can have such a significant impact on the future of your business, so hiring the right people is the most important thing you can do.

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  2. Great article! So very true. A lot of businesses wonder why there’s no growth. Ha this would explain it to them! Good write up. Tony

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