3M Releases DIY Window Film Kits for Consumers

June 3rd, 2015 by Casey Flores

3M is moving past its certified window film installers and going straight for consumers and their homes.

3M has released a DIY window film kit for consumers and their homes.

3M has released a DIY window film kit for consumers and their homes.

The company has made available new “Ultra Clear Energy Saving Window Film Kits,” in honor of National Home Improvement Month.

The do-it-yourself kits were announced in a press release that contains interactive instructions on how to install.

“3M’s new do-it-yourself Ultra Clear Energy Saving Window Films apply 3M’s proprietary, non-metalized engineered film technology to help block at least 98 percent of solar UVA and UVB rays and at least 35 percent of the sun’s heat,” the release, which targets consumers, reads. “The result is less work for your air conditioning unit, reduced window glare and protection for furniture and flooring.”

Consumers can calculate their potential cost savings after installing the film at the company website.

“For years, 3M has been a leader in commercial-, automotive- and residential-installed window films,” says Mike Kuhl, global business unit manager of energy and new product platforms. “Our recent research and consumer insights show that many homeowners are looking for an affordable, energy-saving window film that they can install themselves. By applying our renewable energy technology, we developed a high-quality, heat-blocking film that helps save energy and is easy to apply with just water.”

The product is available at select Lowe’s stores and online. A 3-foot by 5-foot kit starts at a suggested retail price of $34.97, according to the company.


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  1. Whats new they are about 35 years behind the rest of the market in DIY kits…Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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