Facility Executive Magazine Shines Spotlight on Window Film

June 10th, 2015 by Casey Flores

In its May/June issue this year, Facility Executive magazine looked at how window film helped a Chicago-area Holiday Inn control heat and reduce glare. The film installation was part of a $20 million redesign.

According to the magazine, front desk employees experienced a glare in the morning, making it difficult to perform their tasks.

“Additionally, solar loading created excessive heat buildup on the upper floors of the atrium, thus creating uncomfortable temperatures year-round,” Bruno LaMountain, director of facilities at the hotel told Facilities Executive.  Guest rooms also had heat and glare problems.

Anne Vasquez, editor in chief at Facility Executive, says that “many facility managers’ perceptions of window film were not that great.” They viewed it as too dark or hindering visibility. She says she pursued this story to help showcase the aesthetics of window film on the market, but also the energy efficiency and glare control benefits.

“Having a facility manager speak on this and share his experience was key for us,” she says.

According to Vasquez, other products facility managers are using to handle glare and heat are window shades and external shadings.

LaMountain is happy with his choice to go with window film, which resulted in a 20 degree change in surface temperatures.

“Reducing solar load and glare were achieved,” he says. “Overall, we have reduced the temperature in the lobby area significantly since the installation was completed in that area. Now on hot summer days, the HVAC system can easily handle the cooling load while maintaining electrical consumption; we have extra cooling capacity.”

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