Wrap Suppliers to Tinters: We’ll Save You Time and Money

June 10th, 2015 by Casey Flores

How large is the overlap of tinting and vehicle wrapping? Quite large, according to major vehicle wrap suppliers.

Company representatives tell Window Film magazine they can help make tinters’ businesses run more efficiently and gain more profit.

“We have a lot of interaction with window tinters,” says Paige Maybrey, marketing coordinator for St. Paul, Minn., 3M Commercial Solutions. She made the case for tinters also to offer vehicle wrapping, citing the product’s ease of use compared to window film. “It’s more difficult to do window film than vinyl wrap. Vinyl is much more forgiving.”

According to Maybrey, what was already a more efficient film to install just got even easier with Knifeless Tech Systems.

3M’s 1080 White Gold Sparkle is placed on the hood of a _____ at WrapsCON last week in Indianapolis. A flame pattern, designed by Phil Aklin, were cut out using Knifeless Tech Systems.

3M’s 1080 White Gold Sparkle is placed on a car hood at WrapsCON last week in Indianapolis. A flame pattern, designed by Phil Aquin, was cut out using Knifeless Tech Systems.

Knifeless is a tape that can be used to cut vinyl film. Installers can stretch the tape onto a vehicle in whatever pattern they desire. The film is then placed over top of it and when finished, installers simply pull the tape up to achieve the design they want.

Rick Latta, vice president of business development for Knifeless, says the product now works for paint protection film (PPF) too, after a minor tweak in the tape’s adhesive coating.

“People used our tape with wet application and it wouldn’t stick,” Latta says. But now, “there’s no reason to put a blade on a car.”

Certified 3M wrap installer Phil Aklin says he also uses the product for his window film installations for the back window. “You can’t see the line,” he said. “It saves me about 5-10 minutes per back window installation and 1-2 hours on a wrap.”

Keeping up with the efficiency theme, FDC Graphic Films has a product that may turn some tinters’ heads. Its ASLAN 7279 decorative film series has the etched glass look, but what makes it unique is the way it’s applied. Instead of being put on wet, the product is dry-applied.

“It cuts down installation time by 50 percent,” says Michael Pettit, sales manager. “There’s also no post-cleaning.”

Also adding to efficiency is Orafol, but in a different way.

The Black Creek, Ga.-based manufacturer of several types of vinyl film has added paint protection film to its list of offerings, becoming a one-stop-shop vehicle covering provider.

The company’s 280 Stone Guard Film is an 8-mil polyurethane-based PPF that offers long-term outdoor paint protection with a 7-year durability. The 270 Stone Guard Film is made of PVC and lasts for five years, according to the company.

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  1. We’ve been pushing this for years but it’s great to see an industry leader like 3M getting in the ring. Vinyl is so much easier and a natural progression for solo tinters and pro shops.

  2. 3m always the most expensive in the market place. What is it with them ?Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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