ASWF Unveils New Manufacturing Capability

July 1st, 2015 by Casey Flores

American Standard Window Film (ASWF), is enhancing its product lines with new technology.

Called “thin film sputtering” for optical and industrial products, the new technology produces thin film stacks of metals, metal-oxides and metal nitrides with in-situ solar performance monitoring, according the Las Vegas-based company’s press release.

“Our new sputtering manufacturing capability jumpstarts our ability to produce very complex designs and the highest performing energy saving window film products that were previously only available to a select few film manufacturers,” says Michael Martin, president. “In addition, this advanced manufacturing capability will allow ASWF to produce newer next-generation optical designs for energy saving window films and other emerging markets.”

This company’s new process monitoring capability provides real time quality control of the optical properties such as visual light transmission and the infrared heat rejecting capability of the films. The sputtering equipment is capable of producing up to 74″ wide film with one or more layers of metals and non-metals.

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  1. Nice to see new innovation popping it’s head up from the smaller window film manufacturing companies out side of the ”big five” Leon Le vy Klingshield South Africa

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