In Arizona, a Tinting Franchise is Born

July 8th, 2015 by Casey Flores

Stewart Reeder says he’s figured out how to stop tinters he trains from becoming his competition: keep them in the family.

The 24-year window film veteran and owner of Mesa, Ariz.-based Smartfilm is hoping to capitalize on tinters’ tendency to go out on their own by making them franchisees.

Reeder's Mesa, Ariz., location was the first of what he hopes are many Smartfilms.

Reeder’s Mesa, Ariz., location was the first of what he hopes are many Smartfilms.

“My goal is to build up a bunch of stores,” Reeder says. “That’s the direction we’re headed.”

In a little more than a year, Reeder has launched two locations—one in Mesa and one in Las Vegas—with plans to open a new store in Gilbert or Chandler, Ariz., by March 2016. The locations currently offer automotive window film services but Reeder says they plan to expand to architectural soon.

Prior to pursuing franchising, Reeder was hesitant to grow his company.

“Nobody wants to train people anymore because then guys are just going to open their own shops,” he says.

Past Franchise Experience

Reeder isn’t new to the world of franchising. He started with Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters before that company was a franchise and saw it through its expansion.

“I moved to Vegas in 96 with Alta Mere and ran that territory,” he says, which is where he met his current Las Vegas business partner. “One of the guy that I trained down there [now] has a [Smartfilm] location.”

Building Rapport

The Mesa location recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with free tint and a fundraiser for the Skin Cancer foundation.

The company gave away 20 free tint jobs with Solar Gard Galaxie window film and raised more than $1,000 for the foundation. It’s events like this that help him build rapport with the communities in which he operates.

“The local community was really good at supporting us and we wanted to give back,” Reeder says, adding that four attendees camped out the night prior just to get free window film.

With three locations in two years, the company is quickly gaining market share in the Southwest. Reeder’s goal is to have a store in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Texas within the next 5 years.

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  1. Good idea, if you can’t beat them join them. Rather partiscipate even if a small amount, on every installation they do. ”Think like a fox and not like a ox”.Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa.

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