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by Jamie Werner
July 29th, 2015

To Wrap or Not to Wrap, That is the Question

Jamie Werner

Jamie Werner

Have you ever asked yourself, “What do other installers do?” This topic could range from prices they charge to the amount of coverage they offer. With so many different types of paint protection film (PPF) markets in the United States, there is no consistent answer for any of these questions.

What installers are doing and what I recommend sometimes differ, which is always interesting to hear about. Wrapping your edges is definitely where those paths diverge. It pulls at the strings of consumer expectations and mine. I never thought something so simple would be a critical step that is missed by many in such a high expectation business of PPF.

Now, I learned early on how to wrap my edges. It’s how most installs are done here in the Boston area. It’s something that stands out when you look at someone else’s install and critic it. We can even be worse than customers because we know what to look for as far as imperfections from the film to misalignment in the install. So when you are used to seeing wrapped edges, it becomes a surprise when you don’t see this done in other areas of the country. Most of the time, installers that choose not to wrap have never learned or have decided to pick speed over quality. It’s time as a network of installers that we change that expectation for the better.

Here are the facts to set the record straight. Yes, it takes more time to wrap your edge than it does to not wrap it. If installed and prepped properly, it should take you 5-10 minutes extra on your install to wrap the edges of your hood and fenders. It has a cleaner look than seeing a line from where the film edge is to where the bodyline is. It requires less hand trimming on the vehicle, which correlates to less risk being taken since cutting on the paint is not necessary in those areas. You also protect an area that actually does get hit on the front edge of the hood.

And to hit the nail in the coffin, there is less risk of the film peeling if you do wrap your edge.

It seems so simple that if you offered someone the option of wrapping their edge versus not, that they would always pick wrapping. Why wouldn’t you want the edge protected? Why would you want to see the line if you could avoid it? Customers are getting smarter about our product. It’s time that we step up the installation game as manufacturers step up their product game. Set the standards high from the start and you will always stay in the lead of your competition.

Exceed expectations every day!

Jamie Werner

National Sales Manager and PPF Trainer


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  1. Jamie, you are so right when you say these things. Wrapping shows that you care about your install and your customers more. It looks 10 times better and the risk of damaging the vehicle is taken away.
    When I see a car that is not wrapped it looks like an amateur job. When ponted out to customers they agree 100%.
    You, as a rep, know this business and see more than us installers see and hear. I really enjoyed reading your input on this subject.

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