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by Casey Flores
August 5th, 2015

East Coasters Will Love Reno

The East Coast of the United States is home to some of the greatest cities in the world. The nation’s largest city, the nation’s Capital and the nation’s birthplace all reside in the East, each pulling in millions of tourists annually.

With so much to do on the East Coast, why is the WFCT heading West? Because cities out there—particularly Reno, Nev.—offer experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

When Window Film magazine chose Reno to be home to the 2015 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off (WFCT), it was to offer West Coasters more of an opportunity to attend the event. After a recent visit to the world’s “Biggest Little City,” (that’s Reno’s nickname) however, I’ve realized the city is not just great for those in the West, but those around the world.

Just the Right Size

Reno is big enough to be a city, but small enough to save you the traffic frustrations. Regardless of where you’re headed, it takes no time at all to get from point A to point B. To give you an example, on a recent visit, I was able to visit nine tint shops in less than three hours.

Also, if you’re flying in, the airport is right in the center of the city. This makes it easy to start having fun immediately—whether you’ll be heading to the downtown area or straight to the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa, our host hotel.

The Atlantis Casino

Speaking of our host hotel, this one is pretty hard to beat. Most rooms feature incredible views of the city and the pools are a lot of fun. The downstairs casino is bustling with activity including live performers, slot machines and plenty of drink stations to keep you fueled up. The hotel is also connected to the convention center for easy access to the conference.

The most amazing part of the resort, though, is the Steakhouse. The Atlantis Steakhouse is ranked first among all 819 restaurants in Reno—and for good reason. Our video producer Chris Bunn and I both went there for our first stop in the city. I had the filet with scallops and he had the ribeye. Both were outstanding and so was the service.

There’s Plenty to Do

Here I am climbing the man-made rock wall at Base Camp downtown.

Here I am climbing the man-made rock wall at Base Camp downtown.

Besides casinos, there are quite a few other attractions the city has to offer. A quick google search of “hiking trails, Reno” will give you options to hike the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains that surround the city. The desert landscape is something you won’t find in the East and the view alone is worth the trip.

If you’d rather stay in the city, you can still rock climb. Base Camp, located in downtown, features the world’s tallest man-made climbing wall. It starts on the second floor of the building and I can say from experience that it is, indeed, very fun.

And, of course, there’s always nearby Lake Tahoe.

The WFCT staff has also been hard at work to provide you with extracurricular activities, including an industry golf tournament and the “Biggest Little Pub Crawl,” so be sure to sign up for those soon.

Also, when you’re downtown, check out Pho 777 Vietnamese Restaurant. The food is authentic, affordable and tastes fantastic. Couple it with a “33” Export brewed in Vietnam for only $2.50 a bottle.

The One Thing Reno Doesn’t Have

Reno does lack one thing that cities in the East have in abundance: humidity. The air is dry and, given the time of year we’re headed out there, the weather will be as close to perfect as it can get.

All that to say—what are you waiting for?! On top of all the fun of the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off, experience Reno and sign up for the conference today, as there is only one month left to pre-register! It’ll be great to meet you in person.

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