See What These 20 Cities Charge for Architectural Tinting

August 5th, 2015 by Casey Flores

A new report from IBIS World, an industry and procurement research firm, aims to “assist buyers of window tinting and film services.” In it, the firm lays out what’s driving the pricing of tinting services and what it thinks consumers should expect to pay.

Part of this annual report breaks down the average cost of architectural window tinting services (including solar control and security film for commercial and residential installations) by 20 major U.S. cities.

While the report says the services are in the $5- to $20-per-square-foot range, the average national price, according to IBIS is $8.70 per square foot—up 20 cents from last year’s—which covers labor and material costs.

The report uses wage data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from glass and glazing contractors, which the report’s author Agiimaa Kurchkin claims “are the most representative of average wages for tinting services.” The company then was able to break down the average pricing of film installation for the different cities.

“Because wages are one of the main drivers impacting service prices, our analysts use wage data for the major metro areas from the BLS to calculate the service prices for that area,” says Ashley McKay, media coordinator.

Of the cities the firm identified, Chicago had the highest average price per square foot at $11.94 and Tampa had the lowest at $7.10.

Eddie Shultz, general manager of Midwest Glass Tinters in the Chicago area, says the report doesn’t line up with what he’s seen in the city.

“I would love for it to be that—that would be great,” he says. “That doesn’t seem to jive with what we run into. It depends on the film … sometimes we might flirt with that but that’s sporadically.”

Shultz says the $5 to $20 range is “spot on” and he reaches the average on higher end jobs, while eclipsing it when he does security film.

As for the Tampa market, Tampa Window Tint Specialists owner Matthew Fisher says while he’s not surprised a Florida city is at the bottom of the rankings, the $7.10 average seems a little high as well.

“Generally speaking, Florida is the lowest market in the country,” he says, though he expected Tampa to have ranked higher than Miami, which is at an average of $7.69 per square foot. “There are rumors in the Central Florida area that the Tampa market has a higher per-square-foot average than the Orlando market. People come to Orlando from Miami, and it’s very common for people to say ‘in Miami, we can get it for this,’ but in Tampa, we don’t get that same response.”

You can see the average pricing per square foot per area below:

[put_wpgm id=2]

More on the IBIS World Procurement Report on window tinting services will come soon.

The full report is available for purchase here.

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