Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
August 12th, 2015

Winning? Take a Closer Look

This blog will be hitting right as we head into the tail end of the summer selling season. I hope all of you reading this have had a terrific year thus far. The question I want to ask is … If you’re having a good year, have you taken time to analyze why?winning

It’s tempting when things are going well to celebrate the fact that business is strong and fail to take this opportunity to do some deep analysis on what factors may be contributing to this success. Sure, the busy season is always good for our industry, but if you’re seeing year-over-year growth over the same months, it warrants a closer look.

This may be counter intuitive, as we tend to take a closer look at our business when the numbers have fallen off and we’re trying to come up with a game plan to turn things around.  When things aren’t going well, we become worried and begin to analyze all aspects of the business. However, I think that you should do just the opposite. Force yourself to take a moment to consider what you are doing when things are going extremely well. Don’t just think about it either, make notes that you can refer to at some point in the future.

The reason I recommend this is simple. While things may currently be going great, they might not always. When things take a turn, it’s often the result of many small changes over time that pulled us away from the very things that have helped us be successful in the past. By noting what things you’re doing when things are going well, you give yourself a list to refer back to when your business is struggling.

When you compare the list of things you did when things went well versus what your activities are when you struggle, I bet that you’ll find that you either stopped or cut back on some activity without even realizing how it had been tied to your success.

When we’re trying to grow a business, we pay attention to the details in an effort to drive sales. But when we get busy and are maybe even struggling to keep up, often that attention to detail falls by the wayside. This list I’m asking you to make will help you remember what you had been doing, determine where you may have let things slip, and give you a road map of how to get back on track.

As I mentioned, I hope that all of you reading this are doing well. If so, now is the perfect time to make the list of the things that are helping you achieve that success. Try this tip and see if it doesn’t help you the next time you see your sales slipping.

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