Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
September 9th, 2015

Are You Wasting Money on Facebook Advertising?

Sadly, many people waste their money on Facebook advertising. I’ve said in this column before that I believe Facebook advertising represents the single best return-on-investment marketing a local business can make. That may change in the future, but for right now, Facebook is where it’s at and you need to understand how to use this tool effectively.

Facebook Works Great

You may wonder why I say that, and the answer is simple. Data! Data! Data! Facebook simply has the best overall user data available anywhere. The reason it’s so accurate, timely, etc., is that the user populates the data on themselves via liking pages, groups they belong to, schools they attended and where they live. By filling out our profiles and using Facebook, we tell the database a great deal about who we are and what our preferences are. It’s precisely for this reason that the opportunity to effectively market on Facebook is second to none.

People Don’t Target

However, the Facebook data is just a tool. You must know how to use the tool in order for it to be effective. I have heard many people say that they tried Facebook advertising and it didn’t work for them. When I ask questions, I usually find out that they merely boosted a post without any deeper targeting. This reminds me of the auto repair shop from Colorado that boosted a post I saw on my Facebook wall in Southern California. Do you think that was money well spent? Would I ever use an auto repair shop 1,000 miles away? Of course not. To achieve effective results with this tool, you must know how to use it. Effective use requires hyper-targeted content that is delivered precisely to a chosen audience.

Hyper-Target Customers

One business hyper-targeted me in California with this advertisement.

One business hyper-targeted me in California with this advertisement.

Let me give you a quick example of what is meant by hyper-targeted content aimed at a chosen audience and how that can be done using Facebook advertising tools. The picture shown was on my Facebook feed as an advertisement to buy this t-shirt. What makes this ad so effective is that I was born and raised in Ohio and I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. I also happened to have moved to California about five years ago. So, without seeing the advertising settings for this post, it’s safe to say that they hyper-targeted this exact piece of content to people that have defined in their profile that they are currently living in California but are Cleveland Browns fans from Ohio. Do you see how this particular ad was created and targeted at a very specific group of people? The overall effectiveness of this post will be higher due to its relevant to the target audience.

This targeting is very important to the overall return on investment of your marketing. On Facebook, you only pay for the advertisements that are presented to the chosen audience. By tightly defining the audience and presenting them highly relevant content, you have minimized the cost to show the content and increased the number of people likely to respond.


With Facebook, you can clearly define where and who you want to target.

With that in mind, your advertising objective should be to create a piece of content with a particular audience in mind and then boost that post in a way that targets that specific audience. The Facebook advertising tools allow you a number of ways to narrow and define your audience by likes, habits, location, etc. Once the content and audience are selected, you can decide on the budget you want to allocate to the post and the period of time that you want it to run.

By using these advertising tools effectively, you simply cannot find a more effective and targeted way to market your company. However, if you boost random posts without taking the time to determine and define the specific audience you are promoting to, you are wasting your money. In that case, don’t blame the tool, blame the user.

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