What Angie’s List Has Done for Window Tinting

September 2nd, 2015 by Casey Flores

Product exposure, consumer education and a national media campaign. The window film has had them all in recent months—not from suppliers, manufacturers or installers of the product, but Angie’s List.

“We do consumer news,” says Cheryl Reed, public relations for Angie’s List. Part of that includes providing their partner TV stations with a news segment on anything from hardwood flooring to window film services.

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Reed says stations will “air the segments and post news stories on their websites. The array of use is pretty varied. We supply five or so topics a month and they choose when to air.”

One of those topics recently was automotive tinting, and it got news organizations nationwide—from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis (where Angie is headquartered)—talking about window film.

The videos even come with a headline that counters consumers’ misconceptions about tint: “Avoid Tainted Window Tinting.”

A few months back, Angie’s list put out residential window film videos and press releases as well.

Online Education
Not only do they provide consumer “news” but also consumer tips regarding different industries.

For example, Angie herself has offered a post on how the window film can help save on energy bills.

“Applying a solar window film can often bring immediate and permanent results,” she writes.

In another, she lists these five reasons consumers should hire a professional to tint their car:

  1. They’re familiar with tint laws;
  2. They know how to tint;
  3. They’ll do it right the first time;
  4. Automotive tinting professionals guarantee their work; and
  5. Quality tint jobs will save money.

But in one, she even suggests consumers buy window film themselves to stop drafts from getting through.

Quality Customers

Richard Marti, owner of All American Window Tinting in Denver, says the types of customers that Angie’s List sends them are the ones you want.

“Since have to pay to be an [Angie’s List user], they’re a more valuable customer, not just tire kickers. It generates good leads,” he says.

Larry Welter, co-owner of Suntamers Window Tinting in Cape Coral, Fla., says his company has won the super service award year after year, but can’t put a solid monetary number on Angie’s List impact to his company.

“We do get leads from Angie’s List … the closure rate’s high,” he says.

Kevin Koval, owner of Solaris in Carmel, Ind., says he’s directly benefited from being close to the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis—and a 7-time Super Service Award winner (which they proudly display on their website and answering machine).

“They have more penetration in that market with homeowners than any other market. We wanted to make sure we had a good presence on there, primarily with the reviews—and that’s how you get the super service award,” he says. “Over the years, as we’ve added the super service awards, it makes it that we are the company to go to compared to the competitors in the same category.”

But Wait

Angie’s List isn’t everything, though.

Welter says he doesn’t believe the Super Service Award does him much good in his market. He does advertise with Angie’s List, but will “go three months without getting a lead,” he says. “It doesn’t do all that much for us.”

And while the list benefits Koval in the Indianapolis market, he realizes dealers in other markets don’t receive as much of a boost from the site.

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