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by Casey Flores
October 21st, 2015

Genesis Window Tinting is on a Roll

Every once in a while, it’s good to give credit where credit is due. This is certainly one of those cases.

Elk Grove, Calif.-based Genesis Window Tinting has been on fire lately and the “why” behind that deserves a look.


First, let’s start with TintTV. The goal of these episodes is to provide viewers with entertainment, yes, but also inform them on how a successful tinting business runs.

So when given the task of creating a new episode, we knew we had to find an elite company. Once we had our target market picked out, Genesis quickly became the obvious choice, and it may help to know why.

First impressions matter, and that’s where the company’s website came into play. Because of its professionalism, I was certain I was dealing with a quality business. Secondly, when I actually made the initial phone call, everyone I spoke to was able to answer my questions and put me in touch with the right people. Sid, the owner, was especially accommodating, as I told him all along this was a risky venture for us (since it was our first episode). Lastly, I went to sources outside of them, including manufacturer representatives and other dealers they had networked with over the years—all of whom highly recommended this company.

Really, I could go on and on about why this team was a good choice for our first episode, but I think the show itself speaks to that. See below:

The Tint-Off™

This couldn’t have worked out better. The company’s lead installer Nick Abaro, featured in our first Tint Tips segment at 3:38, placed first overall in the recent International Window Film Tint-Off™’s second-ever paint protection division. Having the world’s best PPF installer is just another addition to the company’s list of rapport-building attributes.

Good Day Sacramento

The company’s good-standing (worldwide and locally) earned it another accolade—local news coverage. The team from Good Day Sacramento came out asked about the company’s services, featured Abaro and mentioned his Tint-Off™ victory and even flashed Genesis’s business address and phone number for consumers to get their cars serviced.

See the video below:


It should come as no surprise that the company is now expanding. They already had an Elk Grove and Roseville, Calif., location, but have recently opened a location right in Sacramento.

As a result of all this positive success, I just wanted to give them a big shout out. Keep up the good work, Genesis Window Tinting!

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