Here’s Why Wraps and PPF are a Good Fit for Tinters

October 1st, 2015 by Casey Flores
Rick Kozlow, A Window Solutions, shares how to add wraps, PPF, to a shop's core services.

Rick Kozlow, A Window Solutions, shares how to add wraps, PPF, to a shop’s core services.

Rick Kozlow, president of A Window Solutions, is passionate about tinters going beyond window film offerings.

In his seminar, Adding Vehicle Wrapping, PPF to Your Business, Kozlow advocated tinters to add these to their core services and explained how to do so.

“We want to add services that increase your average invoice,” he said. “These products will increase your market share and drive new customers.”
Setting Up for Success

Kozlow said there are two ways to make sure you don’t fail.

1) Know the products. There’s a difference between cast and calendered film, Kozlow explained. Know that and also what the products’ warranties do and don’t offer.

2) Train with the products. “Most manufacturers offer training,” he said. “Also, you want to make sure you train your sales staff on the ‘features and benefits’ of the products.”

How to Add Them

Kozlow said it’s important to start small with paint protection film.

“This means do door edge guards, the trunk ledge and door cups,” he said.

Door cups take all but 10 minutes for Kozlow, but for that particular installation, he’s able to sell it at nearly a 1,000 percent markup.

Wraps could range anywhere from accent pieces to interior applications and full color change and mean big profits for your business, if you’re willing to invest in it.

“The time is now to be getting into these things,” he said. “Not many people are offering them yet.”

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  1. Very good ”ad on product”, but ”back breaking”. If you don’t get the ”right price” it is not worth it, as it also takes lots of time to do a professional installation .Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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