How to Go from Your Garage to Government Contractor

October 1st, 2015 by Casey Flores
Bill Valway shares how to grow your business to a packed house of window film entrepreneurs.

Bill Valway shares how to grow your business to a packed house of window film entrepreneurs.

It’s been quite a journey for Window Film magazine blogger and WFCT presenter Bill Valway.

The CEO of Absolute Perfection Window Tinting and Graphics started at the bottom and now … he’s here at the industry’s only international event teaching tinters how to grow a business.

From humble beginnings, Valway started his journey.

“I am not college educated,” he said. “I’m also dyslexic.”

Valway started in his parents’ garage in 2001.

“I needed a place for people to come so I moved into a small, 1,000 square foot facility,” he said.

He went on to build his business into a large operation.

In 2013, he landed a contract with Washington Metro airport authority, which includes jobs at Dulles international and Reagan National Airport.

He did it by what he calls “the three c’s.”

When I first got my business started, that’s all I had.

“Instead of me trying to pedal my window film,” Valway asked potential clients what solutions they needed, then tried to fit that mold.

For him, making the connection with one manufacturer has also been key to growth.

“I’ve learned most of the things I’ve learned through painful trial and error and surrounded myself with individuals who are wiser than myself,” he said, and recommended business owners to do the same.

“Do you have a mentor or executive coach?” he asked. “How can you connect with one?”

Valway is a member of Vistage and the Entrepreneurs’ organization, where he gets personal training and business advice.

“This is what took me from a window tinter to a business owner to a true CEO,” he said. “I strongly recommend that you make an investment into coaching.”


Valway says culture is the number one thing that helped his organization grow.

“When you walk into our organization, you feel this,” he said. “It’s a living, breathing thing,”

Valway set out to define his own company culture three years ago.

“What did we stand for?” Valway asked. “All of our employees pretty much knew who we were and what we were about but we never put it on paper.”

So then he did and from there a company culture was birthed that brought Absolute Perfection to where it is today. The most important value is passion.

“If you don’t have this, you’re not even welcome in my company,” Valway said. “Each and every one of us will have passion.”

WFCT 2015 kicked off on Wednesday, September 30. Stay tuned to for all the latest event updates.

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