Film's Edge by Casey Flores
by Casey Flores
December 22nd, 2015

2016 Window Film Projections

It’s the end of the year, and while many people use this as a time for reflection, I want to do the opposite. Rather than reflect, I’m going to project. Here’s some of what I know will be happening in window film this year, followed by some predictions.

Window Film Magazine

This magazine is hard-launching two startups next year:

  • PPF Mag

Two issues of PPF Mag, which will be the only magazine exclusively dedicated to covering the paint protection film industry, will come out in 2016. One will accompany the March/April edition of Window Film magazine, and one will be mailed with the July/August issue. As the PPF industry has grown, so has its need for a magazine. We’re filling that gap.

  • TintTV

The web TV show for the window film industry does something that most of the business-to-business publishing world does not. If the DIY Network wanted to create a show on how to run a tint shop, that show would be TintTV. They didn’t do that, but we did. Missed the first episode? You can watch it here:

The International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™

This year’s event will be held in San Antonio, Texas, on October 5 to 7. I predict the event will, once again, shatter the previous year’s records in attendance, competitors and exhibitors. This really is the place to be for window film in 2016.


A 25th Anniversary

The International Window Film Association will celebrate its 25th year in existence. With KDX Window Film joining recently, and after a strong showing at WFCT in Reno, the association seems poised for an influential 2016.


New Players

Two major players in their own respective industries are entering the window film market in 2016: XPEL and DUB IR. My guess is that at least one new supplier will try to enter the market in 2016.



Led by some elite dealers and joined recently by even more industry influencers, it looks like the Professional Window Film Dealers Association will only gain ground in 2016. With the goal of “moving the industry forward,” this association will be sure to do so as it begins to offer dealers the means to accomplish just that.



Some of you who’ve been thinking about franchising for a long time will finally take that step. Whether you’re looking to launch a local or national franchise, this year will be full of much risk, but that risk will eventually reap a reward.


The Inc. 5000

Last year, three tinting companies made it into the Inc. 5000. Next year, I predict four or more will be on there. Will one of them be your company?


Mergers and Acquisitions

There have been some rumblings about some acquisitions that will occur. One or two of these will be industry-shaping and may cause some confusion for a while. Others, I’m guessing, will start something of a chain reaction. In true entrepreneur form, many of you are never satisfied by staying stagnant, and that’s good.

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