The Road to Absolute Perfection by Bill Valway
by Bill Valway
December 2nd, 2015

Slow Season? Try These Wintertime Marketing Hacks

Every year the winter season rolls in and tint shops find business slowing down. It’s inevitable. Consumers are drawn to the cooling effects and shade that window film provides during the hot hours of the summer, but when it cools down, they no longer see a need for it.

Over the years, we have tried a variety of efforts to make sure we keep business coming in.

Email Marketing

We got started with email marketing about two to three years ago and the feedback has been awesome. It will take a little trial and error to see what’s effective for your company and the audience you’re after, but the return is worth the efforts.

Promotions—Our favorite email is a mid-month promotion to boost end-of-month sales. Try tying the promotion to the season. For example, you can promote a discount on Enerlogic during the colder months and highlight its year-round energy saving properties. If sales are down, try putting out a promotion that’s hard to resist.

Updates—We also do email updates on cool things going on with our company. In November, my vehicle wrapping team took home four awards for the Signs of the Times graphics competition, also winning Best in Show. We’re really proud of all the hard work our team puts in, so we share it with our followers. We have seen a lot of great support from our community.

Giveaways—We just did a giveaway, which is really fun to see take off. People love free stuff. We asked users on Facebook to either 1) like and share our post or 2) sign up for our email list to be entered into our drawing for custom corn hole boards.

After sending out an email and posting the promotion on Facebook, the responses started rolling in. We received more than 50 new page likes, more than 100 post likes, and more than 120 shares within about a week!

Even if you don’t have a background in marketing, there are a lot of user-friendly email marketing platforms out there that you can utilize for fairly cheap. Check out something like Constant Contact or MailChimp, and if you get stuck, my team would be happy to lead you in the right direction.

Educational Content

We write a good chunk of content and blogs for our website about products, projects, industry news and much more. For example, we wrote a piece about the importance of windshield tinting that we ran during a sun strip promotion, and an educational piece on paint protection film that we posted right after my team made a video about PPF.

Educating your audience is a great way to encourage potential clients to connect. The more they know, the more they think they need what your company has to offer.

Gift Certificates

When the holiday season hits, there is lots of shopping to be done. Make it easy for consumers to choose your offerings as one of their gifts. We have seen a lot of return from gift certificates. They are an easy, a less expensive gift than a full tint job, and have the ability to result in a lot of business down the road. Really push for selling some of these this holiday.

Questions how you can make the most out of your slow season? Contact my team at

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