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by Jamie Werner
January 20th, 2016

Don’t Be Insane

Happy New Year, everyone! This was an interesting year for paint protection film (PPF) with lots of changes in product, brands, and overall awareness. I can honestly say there has been some major growth in our market and it’s because our installers are pushing manufacturers to make things easier, last longer, and to improve overall quality of service/product for the consumer. But our biggest issue is awareness.

Even though we’ve seen growth, we need to and can do more. How often are you actually pitching PPF? Are you giving the same sales pitch you have been for years? How long has it been since you’ve visited the dealerships around town? If you are of the notion, “if it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it,” then you’re in for a wake-up call. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result every time. We do this all too often in business and spin our wheels wondering why someone doesn’t want this on their car. Heck, we even make the assumption that the consumer isn’t willing to spend that kind of money in your area on a “car condom.”

Take the blinders off and open your mind to some other ways of selling and marketing. We are in a technology-driven economy right now. Anything I want is at my fingertips just through my phone (thanks, Google!). If you haven’t become digital, then today is the day you should start. You’re missing your potential customers and losing out on the opportunity to capture someone who wants your services.

Social media is the biggest source of free marketing you can utilize. From communication and connecting with other networks of people on Facebook, to videos of your application process on your own YouTube channel, even cool pictures on Instagram and Pinterest to chronicle some of intereting vehicles you’ve done. This is just scratching the surface without even starting a website.

Forums are another way of getting in touch with others in a specific community. Even car clubs offer opportunities for you to network with others that would consider themselves as car enthusiasts. Have you ever been to a “Cars and Coffee?” Have you ever attended a car show before? Have you ever thought about reaching out to your old customers to see how your work is holding up? Maybe hosting an open house, a demo, or even a barbeque might generate some foot traffic.

It’s time to get outside of your comfort zone and start connecting with the people that want you. They might not know they do, so educate them on what PPF is. It gets the dialogue going so that consumers start to hear and think the product.

It’s time to stop being insane and get back to the basics. If something doesn’t work the first time, try something different. Ask for ideas, talk to fellow installers or even pose the question to consumers so you can be better at closing the deal. It’s time we throw out the old way of doing things and shake it up a little. It’s easy to continue the old habits because they are habits. Break the mold and challenge yourself so you can be prepared for a great 2016.

Exceed expectations every day!

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